On January 27, 2009, we left on a jet plane on the most amazing adventure.  It is such a crazy feeling, getting on a plan as a couple, traveling around the world to a totally different culture, meeting your child, and a few days later coming home as a family of three.  Only those who have gone through it can understand the excitement, the fear, the emotions of it all.  I cannot believe it has been two years already!

On January 29, 2009 we arrived in Seoul (crazy time changes made us miss a day, so the dates on the blog are off) – the most amazing city and on the 30th, we held our son for the first time.  To pay tribute to our adventure that we started 2 years ago, Matt and I did something on Saturday that we have been meaning to do for quite some time – We headed down to Waterloo and got tattoos.  Matt got Alex’s Korean name, Kaeul in hangul on his arm.  I got umma, or mother, in hangul on my back. 

For mine, it not only represents that I am now a “umma”, but it also pays tribute to Alex’s other two ummas – his foster mom and his birth mom.  They are a part of me and I am eternally grateful for all that they did for Alex.

Tell it like it is Tuesday

Let me just say, I’m so glad the last 5 days are over.  They have been rough.  So I’m going to whine a little – hope you don’t mind. 

On Thursday morning when Alex woke up he was a little warm, so we gave him some medicine to bring down the slight fever and then sent him to the sitters.  I would have loved to stay home with him, but we had a big day – I was taking Matt to have lasik eye surgery done! The surgery went very well and Matt now has 20-20 vision.   While I would love to have it done myself, I cannot get over the whole flap thing. Gives me the heebie jeebies.   I picked up Alex later in the afternoon, and didn’t realize until we were home that there was no Puppy. And you all know what that means. Screams, cries, panic.  And within the 7 min it took for us to get home, the sitter went out – and did not return for 3 hours.  Let me just say those were a long three hours.  Also Alex’s fever was back – so some more fever reducing meds and once puppy was home, safe and sound, Alex went to bed.  But he was up – numerous times in the night – eventually making his way into our bed (a very bad routine we have gotten into – but are trying to stop).

Friday morning, Alex woke with a fever of 102 – not cool. I was supposed to be driving Matt to a checkup on his eyes back in Waterloo (about a 25 min drive from our house) – but obviously I could not send Alex to the sitters, so we called in Matt’s parents to drive Matt to his appointment instead.  Forgot to mention there was a massive snow storm happening (we get a lot of snow streamers off of Lake Huron).  The forecast said 2-4cm, but seriously I think we got a foot. They got there and back fine, but Alex’s fever didn’t want to go away. And you know what that means – a whiny, cranky little boy (with good reason), but also lots of cuddles.  (Alex was also up numerous times in the night – and in our bed… sigh).

Saturday since Alex was feeling better, we decided we all needed to get some fresh air.  We went down to Winterfest, a yearly festival in Stratford.  The only issue was that it was -12 celsius, plus windchill – that is pretty damn cold.  We did get in a train ride, bought some apple fritters, and tried out the hockey slap shot game.  But at that game, Alex insisted on removing his gloves… and he fell in the snow… ensue the screaming and crying… for another 15 minutes.  The rest of the day went on like that – crying, whining, all out tantrums… I was losing my mind.  Don’t worry – I enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine to help with the whine once Alex was in bed.

Sunday (after a couple of early morning tantrums)  we started out with a fun activity – Matt reserved the gym at his school and we had some of Alex’s 2-3 yr old friends and their parents come for some play.  It was great – the kids ran around, played hockey, kicked the balls, and just had a blast.  After nap time, Alex woke up crying and inconsolable.  It seriously took almost 30 min for him to calm down.  A few more tantrums and hissy fits were had… (only one my me)… it was a trying day.  But by 6pm I started coming down with a cold – one of my famous sinus colds.  Joy oh bliss.  That night Alex woke at 12:30, and came into our room.  But instead of just sleeping through the night, he was up almost every hour tossing and turning, saying ow, ow ow – for no reason that we could figure (except that he had not had a bowel movement since Friday).  So at 4:30am, Matt took him back to his bed where he slept until 6:30.  Yeah!

Monday… I woke up feeling like &^#@. But I had soooo much work to do at work that I went in anyhow.  Honestly it felt kinda like a vacation.  I warned the sitters and after some crying when I left (which isn’t normal), Alex was great.  But then Matt picked him up at 4:30 and once they stepped in the door to our house Alex cried and cried until almost 5:20 when I got home.  Let me just say it wasn’t a pretty sight.  He did calm down eventually… and after a late bedtime (had some guests arrive at 7), Alex slept… all night… in his bed… no wakeups.  I don’t think this has happened since September.  It was divine. 

And today – for the most part, Alex has been in great spirits! Not sure if it was the prune juice on Monday or what, but our boy is back giggling and laughing.  Still the occasional “terrible two” moment, but hey – he’s two!  I’m sure I jinxed our sleep tonight by talking about last night… but fingers crossed that I haven’t.

I seriously hope your weekend was a lot better than ours!

Snow much fun!

Cheesy title – I know… but I couldn’t resist.

One of the things I love about living where we do is that we get 4 distinct seasons – and lots of snow. I love looking at the snow, taking walks in the snow… but I don’t like driving in the snow. And usually by February I’ve had enough and I’m dreaming about getting away from the snow…  Can you blame me?  But that is the one downside of Matt’s occupation – you can’t take vacation through the school year (boo!!)

So far this year we have had a lot of snow fall, but it has been too cold to play outdoors.  However two weeks ago, we had a perfect Saturday morning for a walk and a sled ride around the neighbourhood.  And lucky me, I brought my small digital camera for the walk.

I highly recommend getting a sled with a high back – Alex kept sliding down… not fun.  This one was great for going down the hills though!

There was a beautiful 22 degree halo around the sun.  I thought it was a sun dog, but they seem to have more bright spots around them.

And then we found a hill to go sledding on! It is really just a back fill hill from all the construction going on – but perfect for our little guy on a snowy day!


My Hockey Star

Have I mentioned before that Alex is a bit hockey crazy? Well maybe once or twice before.  Well his craze is back… and stronger than ever! I think getting him on skates a few weeks ago was the push he needed to find his love for the sport again.  Now on a daily basis we play hockey at least 3 hours a day – at least!  Alex has to wear his skates (Thomas slippers) and hockey gloves (his socks).  Often he will wear his helmet too (bike helmet or winter toque).   The stick of choice? His Team Canada goalie mini stick.   It is really quite adorable.  He runs around with his stick, chasing an indoor puck or ball, shooting at his little mini  nets.  It isn’t so adorable though when the two-year old comes out and Alex starts to hit the furniture… yep – not so cute.

A new addition this past week to the hockey craze is the need to wear his Habs (aka Montreal Canadiens) jersey.  He wears it while he is playing hockey, he wears it to the sitters, while he eats, and while he sleeps.  I have been able to convince him by showing him the food stains that it needs to go in the wash.  That buys me a few hours to get it clean.  But once it’s clean, it’s back on for another couple of days.

Book Pairings

The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier

That’s Hockey by David Bouchard

It’s a new year…

…time for a new start.  I love the idea of starting fresh in a new year. Whether you call them resolutions, goals, or my new favourite improvements, they really are just a personal jolt to realign yourself… to try to make yourself a better person. 

On New Year’s Eve I sat down and jotted down a few improvements (C, hope you don’t mind me using your term!) for myself.  I think if I broadcast them across the blogosphere, I may have a better chance at keeping them (like last year right – ha!!)

  1. Pick up the phone. 
    I’m someone who would rather send a quick email when I need to contact a friend rather thank pick up the phone and make a phone call. Just easier I guess.  Especially with kids bed times spread out through the night, it can be hard when to judge the right time to call someone. But not all my friends are online all day long like I am, so I’m going to try to call them much more often and reconnect.
  2. Learn how to use my camera
    Now that I have a DSLR, I need to figure out what aperture, ISO, etc all really mean – and how to set the settings so that my pictures turn out.  So hopefully I can pick up a class or two (mommy time!), and if all else fails, master Photoshop.
  3. Get back in the craft room
    It’s been a while since I’ve crafted or sewed, and I really miss it.  I miss how much relaxing it was, and it gave me a real sense of accomplishment when a project was completed.  So once our basement is finished (by this summer, fingers crossed), I will be creating a craft studio (as Matt is calling it) in our bonus room above the garage.  Can’t wait! 
  4. Smile more
    2010 was a hard year for me.  Back in May, we made a very hard decision, and to be honest, I haven’t dealt with it very well.  I’ve been pretty sad.  I need to remember I have an amazing little boy and a wonderful husband – they are my world! Smile, laugh, give hugs… all that good stuff.
  5. Relax
    Whether it is exercising, crafting, reading, drinking a glass of wine, I need to relax… and get to #4.  I think scheduling more regular massage treatments will also help with this.

Hope 2011 is a great year for each and every one of you! You all deserve it!