Today my girlfriends threw us a lovely baby shower!  I was so happy that all my close friends were able to attend.  We had lots to eat, and I think this was the only shower we’ve held where the mother to be was able to drink a glass of wine!  We received the ever important Diaper Genie, a baby wipe warmer, forks & spoons, cups, bibs, Robeeze slippers, books, toys, a baby hygiene kit, towels, and even a baby Kleen Kanteen (that matches mine!), and much more.  Thank you everyone for being so generous and supportive.  I love you all!  Unfortunately I seem to be making crazy faces in most of the pictures, so is one that that worked 

Sarah and I

This is a picture of Sarah and I – Sarah hosted the shower.  Thanks Sarah!

Melinda also brought over a pack and play and a play pen for us to use!  She also brought a tote full of toys and crib add ons that I’m sure Alex will thoroughly enjoy.



Today the library staff through us a baby shower!  Matt was working so he couldn’t attend, but I had a great time.  We received many lovely gifts – books, blankets, toys, albums and so on.  Alex is really a lucky boy!  Mason was even given a bone! 

The whole library also contributed to a gift certificate from Lafs photography – a local portrait studio!  Thank you everybody!  And a special thanks to Kate for hosting the shower – everything was just lovely!

Thank you everyone again!  Your love and support means so much to us. 

Library Baby Shower

Can You Tell I Work at a Library?

Can You Tell I Work at a Library?

While every gift was very special and thoughtful, two of the books brought me to tears.  The Come Over to My House and Tubby and the Lantern were given to Alex by a co-worker of mine whose son was taken from her suddenly a couple of years ago.  These two books were from his book collection when he was young.   They really mean a lot – Thank You – they will be cherished.