Finalization – 3 months and waiting…

It has been officially over 3 months since we started the finalization process of Alex’s adoption.  We unfortunately are still waiting.  A month ago, we sent all of our signed documents to our agencies lawyer, expecting to hear soon about a court date for finalization.  Instead this week we got a call that it is taking months to get appointments for adoption court appearances, which would mean that we potentially would not finalize by the end of 2009.  So instead we decided to simply have the paperwork signed by a judge and have them mailed to us rather than a court appearance.  We will hopefully get things finalized by the end of November this way. 

The other hang up dealt with the city that Alex was born in.  On some of his documentation the birth city is spelt as Busan, which is correct, but on other documents it is Pusan (the way Busan is pronounced).  And the court papers were under Pusan, but his Permanent Resident paperwork is Busan.  So we had to get that cleared up otherwise we would have had a big problem come Citizenship time.   

Anyhow – all figured out now and our paperwork is REALLY now in the mail to be finalized!!

In the mail!

Finally – all the adoption finalization paperwork has been signed and notarized by our lawyers – and as of 30 minutes ago, it is in the mail!  Yeah!!

Now the papers are on the way to our agencies lawyer’s office, who will send them back to the Court House in Stratford where a judge will give the adoption the final seal af approval.  I hope we can go to court for that step – but it is really up to the judge.

Next Steps

This past month has been such a blur I haven’t had a chance to update everyone on what’s happening on the adoption front. 

On August 5th, we had been home with Alex for 6 months!  That night we had our final meeting with our adoption practitioner.  Everything went well and we even spoke with her about having her do our homestudy update for adoption #2.  After the meeting, our AP sent in the “ROACH” report to the Children’s Bridge who then sends it to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  The ROACH is the “Report of the Adjustment of the Child in the Home”.  Once the report is reviewed and approved by an adoption officer and everything is in order, the Ministry will send an approval report to our agency.  At that time a Director’s Statement of Adoption is also sent.

Once the Director’s Statement of Adoption is recieved, our agency’s lawyer will prepare an application to have the adoption finalized in our local court.  The court hearing usually happens between 9 and 12 months of placement (on Saturday we will be 7 months – can you believe it?!).  We have requested to attend court for the official finalization if it is possible.

After that all happens, we will be able to apply for a birth certificate, a social security number, and then finally a passport.

Then we can start everything all over again for Alex’s little brother or sister! Phew!