Not serious but…

Mason had to have some surgery last week. He had a two fatty lipomas that we chose to have removed.  They were not overly huge like some of these tumors get, but one was in a location on his chest which if it did grow could affect his mobility. I took him in and they took him away before I could even say goodbye which was more than a little sad.  When I picked him up in the afternoon he was quite excited to see me… and I must admit I was shocked by the size and look of the incision. It looks like an ugly caterpillar on the outside of his body.

Mason has been quite a trooper. He slept a lot the first day and hasn’t been scratching yet which is a relief.  It still looks like the lipoma is there since it is full of fluid right now, but hoping the fluids will go down soon.

While he was under we decided to also have his teeth cleaned – it is so nice to get a kiss from a doggy with good breath!


Birthday Boy!

Last week, Mason, our first boy, celebrated his 5th birthday!  So, what does any good pet owner do? We threw him a party! It was an intimate affair, just a few family members, including Hannah, the newest puppy to the family (although there is another puppy coming in May! – no not us).  Turns out it is quite difficult to take pics of 2 dogs running around in circles.  But here are a few of the pics that I salvaged.

Mason and Hannah waiting to eat their hotdog cookies.

Hannah and Mason enjoying the peanut butter doggy ice cream.

Happy Birthday! (note Puppy was sitting on my lap for sing song)

Hannah being silly.

 And just like a regular child’s party, a few new toys were wrecked, but the dogs all had fun – and that is what matters.  We love you Mason!

Oh boy…


Yep – Mason and the leftovers of a box of chocolates.  I discovered this when I came home last night…

Yes – we know they are poisonous to dogs – luckily Mason had no reaction.

I should also really put away the nutcracker… I should also really turn off our Christmas lights out front… they look so pretty though.


Last night we had more parenting preparation. 

Matt came home from the gym to find that Mason had somehow been able to reach the bag of soft tortilla wraps left on the counter…  and he had eaten the contents of the bag – which contained about 8 full sized wraps.  The plastic was left under the Christmas tree.

So needless to say, Mason was in the dog house – literally.  He knew he had done wrong and had to go for a lay down in his crate.  Dogs really do remember what they’ve done wrong – for a short time anyhow…

And of course, Mason woke up in the middle of the night not feeling very well.  This time at 2:30am, with an emergency run for the back door.  I heard him jump off our bed, so I knew what was coming.  Luckily he just went out, did his thing, and came back in, without exploring the whole back yard like he normally does. 

Then he did the thing that annoys me the most – he stood beside the bed, with his head resting on the mattress, waiting to be told that he could jump on the bed.  But for some reason he wouldn’t come up – he kept resting his head – staring at me.   I had to eventually pull him up so I could get some sleep. 

Oh Mason – what a dog.


This morning Matt and I had a little parenting prep for when baby Alex arrives. 

Mason woke us up at 6:30am… retching (and he sleeps on our bed). 

He got sick a bit there… then as I tried to usher him downstairs, he threw up again at the top of the stairs (on carpet), and then again before we reached the back door (on carpet again).  He went out, and seemed to feel a bit better when he came back in.   So we were both up cleaning vomit before 7am… next it is going to be dirty diapers…