Baby Brain

Do you have baby brain?  I certainly do at times.  I don’t feel baby brain is only for those who give birth – but for all moms.  We adoptive moms are sleep deprived too!  Anyhow – just browsing my Google Reader, waiting for my boys to come home (eta is 10 min), and found a cute article from Simple Mom on Battling Mommy Brain : 6 Strategies to Boost Brain Health.  Hey – can’t hurt can it?  Worth a try.

Spoke too soon

I should have waiting until the full day was over before making yesterday’s post!  Alex fell asleep before getting his night time bottle – that we discovered is a big no no.  Alex woke crying just before 11 after sleeping only about 2 hours- I gave him his bottle and then started he 99 bottles of milk routine.  Matt was out at hockey and came home during this time, and Alex got very distracted.  After 200 bottles of milk he was asleep – or so I thought. 

I laid him down and he cried and cried. Since Matt was awake still he said he would put him to bed and I could go to sleep – if only it had been that easy.  Alex cried and cried and screamed and screamed and at one point I thought he was some wild animal in the nursery – the sound was very scary!  Matt was holding him and rocking him, but nothing would soothe the little guy.  I ended up giving him a bit of Motrin thinking it could be his upper 2 teeth coming in.  He also took most of another bottle.  Poor Matt didn’t get to sleep until well after 1am. 

He woke again at 4, took some of his bottle, and then we started our 99 bottles of milk again.  I got down to 50 and he was still asleep – so I tried the Momma Ma song I created and after walking for almost 40 minute he was asleep.  Or so I thought (again!).  I laid him in his crib and he started to giggle like he was a wake – little monkey!  So I just froze and pretended not to be there.  He played a bit, tossed and turned and eventually was asleep.  I got to sleep by 5:30am…  and slept until 9.  Alex slept until almost 10.  I know that is a little late, but the boy needs to get his sleep (and so do I!).   So now he is napping again, 2 hours after he work up. At least that part of the routine is sticking.

Thank you for all of your tips on the nails – will try a few today!

Survived Day 1

Yeah!  We survived Day 1 without Daddy! 

Today was Matt’s first day back to work so it was just Alex and me for the most part.  Last night was rough – up 3 times (lots of 99 bottles of milk on the wall), and then I was up at 7:20 with Matt to ensure that Mason got off to the groomers on time.  Alex woke up at 9am and he had a bottle (Yeah!),  played, ate breakfast, played, 2 hours later he had a 2 hour nap (Yeah!).  Matt works at the school behind our house so he came home for lunch – giving me a break to have a shower and get out of my pjs.  After he left, Alex woke and Matt’s mom came over at 1, just after Alex woke up.  We gave him his lunch, played, and then I tried to get him down for a nap – he was SO FUSSY!  I knew he was tired, but he wouldn’t settle until I put the Ergo on.  Then within 5 minute he was out for another 2 hours.  Matt was home by 4 and by 5 Alex was up and playing with his daddy.  I am very lucky to have a hubby who can be home much earlier than regular business hours.  My lovely neighbour Joni thoughtfully brought over a lasagna yesterday ready for me to pop into the oven for dinner – she knew it was going to be a tiring day for me!  Thanks Joni!

So now Matt has just put him to bed – I’ll be on night time duty.  We hope that we can continue with this schedule – let’s see if Alex can!

Now I have to research how to cut those little nails – they hurt!!  My friend gave us a first aid kit with clippers that have a magnifying glass on them – but he squirms like  a worm and both Matt and I couldn’t keep him still!

Rookie Mistake…

Figured out the bottle problem… We were giving Alex his formula AFTER he ate – not before… oops!  Today when we tried before he ate he gobbled the whole thing down – and wanted more (I had only given half a bottle just in case).

Thanks for all the suggestions! I will keep those in mind if today was just a fluke 😉