Tell It Like It Is Tuesday

Puppy.  Alex is quite attached to Puppy.  At first we thought it was wonderful – he had a toy that was a comfort to him, he would cuddle it when he slept etc.  As soon as Puppy is in Alex’s grip, his two fingers go in his mouth, and he is relaxed.  However – Puppy has caused some problems in the past.  We forgot him once when we went away overnight – let me just say, no one slept that night.  Also if Puppy gets lost in the crib at night, Alex will wake up crying for Puppy – usually he finds him on his own, but sometimes you need to go in and assist in the search.

Look at the death grip on Puppy!

Now for the last couple of days, at the beginning of nap time, Alex has been fighting his very needed nap – crying, then throwing Puppy out of his crib (we saw this a few months ago), then crying uncontrollably for Puppy.  He is using Puppy to get out of nap time!  We go in, give him back Puppy – try to console him a bit, then leave – then the crying begins and you hear Puppy hitting the floor.  Grrr….  From what I hear – this is a trend in our Korean babes – perhaps they have been having late night convo’s…

Puppy has seen better days.  He and Alex first started their strong bond back in May.   He was quite silky – but now is really matted.  We try to wash him at least twice a month – but sometimes even that is tough.  So – I bought a second Puppy! I thought it would be good to have incase Puppy got lost, damaged, etc.  Tonight I introduced Alex to the new Puppy – he cried and pushed new Puppy away.  I think that relationship will take a while to solidify.

New Puppy and Old Puppy