New Year’s Resolutions – an update

I do have the full year to fulfill my resolutions right?  Because I’m way, way behind.  Luckily there are 171 days left in 2010.

1. Get presentable in a bathing suit.
Well I did gety a gym membership, so that’s a start.  Just need to USE that membership.  We won’t be traveling south any longer (Wedding has moved to Thailand – boooo!).  I’ve just bought bathing suits that cover a lot more for now.

2. Give up my Creative Gals blog. 

3. I was going to give up Etsy – but I have a very strong addiction – and can’t do it at this time. 
In the process of revamping both stores.  Just need some time to craft….

4. Matt and I will go away – overnight – alone. 
Yeah right. Need a sitter that will watch Alex for an extended period of time first.

5. We will start our second adoption!!
Done – but stopped as you know…

6. See a naturalpath about my endometriosis.
Done! Went to my first appointment yesterday.  On lots of new supplements to assist with hormones and pain, but also seems according to the electronic acupuncture machine my large intestines are way out of wack, so stuff for that.  Next week I start a 6 week round of acupuncture.  I’m told by next month I’ll feel much less pain.  Fingers crossed!  If only I didn’t feel nauseous from the supplements.

7. I will start Alex’s Life Book.
Sadly, the most important of all resolutions has yet to be started. I’m still torn between paper and digital. 

Next year – no resolutions.  This is way too stressful.

13 responses

  1. First off, I think you are doing well by even making resolutions. At least, they are acknowledgements of things you would like to change.
    I don’t think there is any way that I could give up Etsy either!
    I will be crossing my fingers that next month you will feel less pain. You are one brave lady to do acupuncture! There is a really good ginger mint tea made by tetley (I think) that always helped me when I had an upset stomach. Ginger cookies are good too!
    I haven’t started a lifebook for Lucas yet either so don’t feel so bad. It is such a hard decision about whether to do paper or digital.
    Hope you and Matt get a chance to go away overnight soon!

  2. I went digital (so much easier) and then I was able to buy multiple copies in case one is “loved” too much.

    In January, I commented on your post saying that I would like a night away with Jeremy as well. Not counting on that anytime soon either 🙂 .

  3. I’m glad to hear that you are going to a Naturopath to help you in managing your endo. I went a couple of years ago, and it definitely helped me. I also have not started Adam’s Lifebook (argh!!). I think I will go digital, as it seems like so much work to print pictures, and then have to go through them all. Would Alex be able to stay with his grandparents overnight, so that you and Matt can get away? Adam has slept over at my parents’ house once, and it worked out well. Hopefully, you and Matt can get some time to yourselves.

  4. Good for you in checking some of these off! Mine were a mixed bag – still not flossing. How embarrassing. Just wanted to say I LOVE acupuncture and I hope it helps what ails ya. And about that life book, I’m still confused too (and way too busy to do anything about it anyway)….

  5. lulus lifebook sucks but she has one. i used the poopular one by beth omallry, her book i mean it has a template, lulus is hand written and i pounded it out and used stickers i didnt care as long as i got it done. its very simple. instead of making it pretty have your objective be having it done

    the last page of lulus says, “when you are 5 or 6 we will make a new lifebook together”

  6. The very fact that you made the resolutions and are checking in on your progress is great (and a lot more than I did). Hopefully the acupuncture will help your pain–I loved going and wish I had a good excuse to go back on a regular basis! It relaxed me so much.

  7. Good for you for even having resolutions! Like Michelle, I haven’t bothered in quite some time.

    I also suffer from endo and also scar tissue from some surgeries I had. It’s been a rough few months over here. 😦 You’ll have to let me know how the acupuncture works.

  8. Yea, I did not bother with resolutions this year. I have got to make Anderson a baby scrapbook and can’t seem to get it done. I feel bad. Sigh. Good luck with all your resolutions!

  9. I’m also impressed that you made resolutions and are revisiting them to check your progress. We still need to make a life book too.

    Also, I hope you get that night alone with your hubby. We’ve been thinking about doing that too – we haven’t done that since X has been home.

  10. I went through a few months of acupuncture and absolutely swore by it. It was so therapeutic — I hope it works for you.

    I am also still torn on digital vs. paper for Jaden’s lifebook. And I torture myself for not starting it yet. Argh.

    And we haven’t both spent the night away from Jaden at the same time. Must do.

    Thanks for the update!

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