Favourite Fridays

I thought I would start sharing some favourite things on Fridays.  Some products, some web sites, some recipes – you get the idea.

Today I have 2 favourite sites to share and one favourite product:

Homemade by Jill – http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com  This is a crafting blog by a girl named Jill in NYC.  She has an adorable little boy and quite often her crafts are focused on children.  For instance, today’s deals with uses for baby food jars – including a cool matching game.  I think I might go buy some baby food again just to make this craft!  She also has giveaways every so often.  In the fall I won a cashmere sock dog – he is too cute. 

Old Navy Coupon – http://www.oldnavyweekly.com/  If you haven’t discovered this site – try it out!  In the advertisement you have to click around and find coupons.  Today I received a 25% off coupon!  It says it is US only on the bottom of the site – but the coupon says it is valid in Canada and the US.  Lots of fun!

Kushies Bibs – http://www.kushiesonline.com/Bibs-s/12.htm  These bibs are great!  They are large, they are waterproof taffeta so they can easily be cleaned (including in the washing machine), and some even come with arms.  They also have a large pocket on the bottom to catch those morsels that miss the mouth.  Alex uses them almost daily and I just love them.

Mommy Blog Sites

I read quite a few blogs (over 100) – thank goodness for Google Reader!  Anyhow, I thought I would share some of the “mommy blogs” that I read.  Many have information on cool products, sales at major stores (mainly US), recipe ideas, and GIVEAWAYS!  I’m really into the giveaways and contests – how else to better try new products?  And some of the sites are just fun.  I hope you enjoy them!

Rockabye Baby

Just hopping around the web and found a link to an article called 20 Baby Products Great for Traumatizing Infants- very funny – but kinda scary that these articles exist…  I must admit though I’m excited about Rockabye Baby – I’ve heard of this site before but had never visited.  They have Lullaby Renditions of Metallica!!  Matt and I are big Metallica fans – this is just too funny!

Baby Store!

I’m on a mailing list for Savvy Mom and in today’s newsletter there was an ad for Funky Monkey Baby – Very cool stuff!  I love the crib bedding and some of the clothes are priceless!  I have to get the AB CD tee shirt (designed like AC DC!)  And the best part is that the store is located in London Ontario – just 45 min away!  Not that I have cash right now to buy anything, but I think these I can justify Christmas gifts for our child to be 🙂

In the blogosphere…

Just hopping around the adoption web blogosphere and found 3 cool sites I wanted to share.
One had a very inspirational blog about a family who has raise $20,000 through various sales for their upcoming adoption.  I’ve been thinking about various fund raising ideas, creating a cookbook, starting an etsy store, selling things on eBay – but I don’t think that will amount to $20,000! 
Another blog had a link to the Global Rich List – where you can enter your income to see where you are in the list of riches people in the world.  Now I now I am not rich by Canadian standards, but when you come out to being in the top .93% of the world, it makes you think how blessed and lucky we are to live in a county such as Canada.
This one is fun – especially for kids – bzzzpeek – it is a collection of recordings of children’s voices imitating the sounds of vehicles and animals in their native languages.  And there is South Korea!