Adoption Timeline

December 2007 – Decided to Adopt
December 2007 – Contacted Children’s Bridge and got on South Korea Call Back List
April 4 2008 – Got our Call Back!
April 9 2008 – Met our Adoption Practitioner for Meeting 1
May 1 2008 – Met our AP for Meeting 2
May 3 2008 – Started PRIDE Training
May 8 2008 – Fingerprints approved by RCMP
May 15 2008 – Home Study Home visit with our AP for Meeting 3
May 23 2008 – Mailed away our Retainer
May 24 2008 – Second PRIDE Training Session
May 31 2008 – Third PRIDE Session – Finished PRIDE!
June 15 2008 – Signed Home Study
June 17 2008 – Signed and mailed away our Dossier
July 15 2008 – Signed and mailed away Immigration paperwork
July 31 2008 – Received Immigration approval
August 15 2008 – Letter of Recommendation Received by Children’s Bridge and Dossier sent to Korea
October 21 2008 – Received Referral for a beautiful baby boy!!
October 31 2008 – Mailed away acceptance package
November 14 2008 – LONO received and sent to Korea
January 14 2009 – TRAVEL CALL!! 2 month wait
January 27 2009 – Leave for Seoul Korea
January 29 2009 – Arrive in Seoul Korea!
January 30 2009 – Meet Alex for the first time!
February 3 2009 – Forever Family Day!
February 5 2009 – Home to Canada
November 10 2009 – Adoption Finalized!

3 responses

  1. Hi Krista,
    My gosh you are still SICK?!! Feel better soon!
    SO my husband and i got our travel call on Monday night! So excited and BUSY. We’re leaving in 4 days to pick up our baby Alex, who has recently turned 7 months. I think we’re both in a bit of shock, but when our flight schedule and tickets came in yesterday, i saw my name with infant name beside, and it really really hit home!
    So, my husband’s name is not Matt. It is Alessandro, and everyone calls him Sandy for short. My father who recently passed away was Matt… (sorry, not happy news i know!!) and so we plan for that to be his other middle name but fear it would be tooooo long.
    We’ll figure it out… so i’m hurrying to find your blog posts and others (i’m addicted to adoption blogs) to see what you experienced when you picked up your Alex, the plane ride activities and events (any crying?? lol!) and what you fed him, etc.
    Of course i have read these posts several times but do you think i have retained anything!!! Such mush brain right now.
    So thats that. Keep writing,, you have an excellent set up here! Useful to us new mommies!
    Get better and i’ll update when we get back.
    A A A

  2. Wow! This is neat! I am a Korean Adoptee myself, so thanks for sharing!
    Your boy is adorable, and I love your blog 🙂 Two years!!??? That’s crazy, but it was so worth it I’m sure. I think my parents waited about that long too! I can’t imagine all the anticipation!

  3. I noticed from your time line that you waited to do your homestudy until you got your call to be on the active list. Was there a particular reason for waiting? any benefit to waiting or was that just how things unraveled for you. I’m so new at adoption and any help would be great.

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