Immigration Status

A few weeks ago, Julie sent me information on how you can check the status of your Sponsorship application online!  It is very simple to do – simply put in your Client # and the details required on the sponsor – not the child, and you can see your application!  For ours, it showed that it was inputted into the system on November 19, so according to that, we have been waiting 8 business days – however I like to think we have been waiting 2 weeks since LONO – makes it seem like we are progressing much faster 😉  Don’t bother checking the system daily – it is updated on Tuesdays.

To check your status, click here.

Half a step…

Yesterday we received our second bit of information from Immigration Canada – the SEOUL package – another pack of paperwork.  However we need to set it aside and Children’s Bridge will be forwarding us the appropriate documents once they finally get the approval for us from the Ministry of Child and Youth services.   I really hope our file isn’t sitting on someones desk while they are on vacation…

We are now on Day 54… but who’s counting…


Today it finally came!  Our approval from Citizenship and Immigration Canada!  They have now sent on our application details to the Canadian Embassy Visa Office in Korea!!  We now have a Client # which I will be sending to Children’s Bridge so they can apply for a Letter of No Objection and Approval from the MCYS – so long as they first approve our home study… still waiting on that one.   

One more step done… how many more to go??


Finally finished the immigration paperwork.  Turns out it wasn’t all that difficult.  The problem is is that Immigration Canada has changed their forms and our agency does not have a template on how to fill everything out yet.  So by the end of the day our Application to Sponsor and Undertaking, Financial Evaluation, Sponsorship Agreement, and all the accompanying documentation will be in the mail…  One step closer!!

Quick Update

Just a quick update as to where we are with our Immigration paperwork.  We have filled out as much as we can on a paper copy since you cannot save to the online version (can only fill out and print…).  We also had to send away for something called an Option C Printout from Revenue Canada.  It should be here “within 10 business days”.  We have also needed to get additional letters from our employers stating how long we have been working there and how much we make per hour.  So once we get our Option C Printouts, we will be able to finish the paperwork and get it in the mail to Citizenship and Immigration Canada!

Immigration Hell

Ok – I’m an Internet junkie. My job is using the Internet, navigating it, showing people how to use the Internet… and I can’t figure out how to find the right Immigration papers!  I have spent 2 days trying to get the right stuff together – but the wording – my goodness – so confusing!  I think I have the right link now –  If anyone else is working on their immigration work and is from Ontario, can you let me know if this is the right link?  I’m just waiting to hear back from our agency on whether I have the right stuff lined up.

We are planning on filling it all out this weekend and trying to mail it away by next week – only hangup is that Matt is a teacher and the School Board is going to be letting out for the summer soon and we need another original statement of employment.  Hopefully we can get it soon!