My Thrasher

As I mentioned previously, Alex can be a bit of a thrasher in bed.  He moves from one end of his crib to another about 5 times a night – and of course, he bangs his head since I had chosen against bumper pads.  Well, my decision has changed.  Alex now has bumper pads.  I dont’ feel bad putting them in because Alex is a very strong little guy and will roll over if needed.  He also slept on a thick comforter when in Korea, so he is really used to padding. 

I made the bumper pads out of the fabric I had bought to make a crib skirt, but since the crib when lowered doesn’t need a skirt, I had lots to use.  I also made them with a pattern out of my own imagination – so they are not perfect and do nott cover the corners… oops!  But that just leaves spaces for Alex’s little animals. 

It felt good to be back at the sewing machine! I have an order from a friend for 1 weirdo and 3 bunnies – so I have to get sewing!


Pads 2Bumper Pads 1

Quilting away again

I’ve been quilting again!  This time it is a mini quilt for Alex’s dresser.  I used the same Marcus Brothers Sand and Surf fabric that I used for his quilt.  It is pretty simple, but I really like it. 

Dresser Quilt

I know – you are probably saying that the dresser is not the colour of the crib – and you are right – it isn’t.  We left it too late in the year to stain it (we would need to do it outside for proper ventilation), so next year we will restain it – or perhaps order the dresser that matches the crib (which we should have done in the first place!).  I’m sure I’m the only one that will notice that it doesn’t really match.

Last week I made another table top quilt – visit my craft blog if you are interested in checking it out!

A few more things…

Today we got a few more things for Alex.  Many of the girls I have been talking to have raved about the Ergo Baby Carrier, so today we got one!  We got the black carrier that has a bit of tan on it.  In Korea, mothers generally carry their babies in carriers to Alex should be used to this.  The Ergo was difficult to find around here!  We were finally able to find one at a store in Waterloo called Angel Worn.  Angel Worn contains both new items and consignment clothing.  So we also were able to pick up some overalls, pants, and sweaters for Alex at very reasonable prices – I will be going back again!
We also got a Safety 1st bath tub for Alex, and a set of little shoes / boots for him – we don’t want his toes to get too cold!
Things are finally coming together!  Now we just need to get the call… Cross your fingers everyone!

14, 15, 16…

Where is the time going?!  I can’t believe it is Tuesday night already – 4 more days of work until a week off – and I need it!  Today the posting for my job during my leave was posted, so if you know of an Information Technology Librarian looking for a 10 month placement in the Stratford area, let me know…

A few things that have been going on:

  1. I bought a diaper bag!  The Borsa Mamma by Peg Perego.  I got it in black so that Matt will actually use it.  It converts to a backpack too which I thought was pretty cool.
  2. Our neighbours Joni & Steve gave us their highchair and a railing for the bed once Alex gets into a “big boy bed”.  (We didn’t get the toddler bed conversion kit when we bought Alex’s crib.)
  3. I put up a print in the nursery – it is of “The Gift” – you may have seen it before.  It was given to me after my dad passed away, and I thought the angel could now look over Alex.
  4. I made soup!  I am not a chef by any means… but this was easy – and VERY tasty!  It is a cheesy potato soup that was posted on Little Birdie Secrets – a great crafting blog.  I didn’t try the bread bowl – but served it with some nice multi-grain bread… I hope you enjoy it too!
  5. Today marks 30 days post LONO – over half way to our travel call!  I hope….
  6. Oh… and I had another Etsy sale!  My second!  Woo Hoo!

11, 12, & 13

Sorry – not alot going on, so I havnen’t make my daily post.  Not sure how I started posting daily this December – it wasn’t anything I was planning… but I will try to continue.

So Matt’s parents have generously offered to buy Matt and I a glider / rocking chair for the nursery!  Pat, Matt’s mom, and I searched all over Stratford last weekend for a rocker – nothing.  They were either very old fashioned (meaning they should belong in a nursing home – not a nursery), or insane expensive.  So, last night we went down to Babies R Us in Kitchener – and they had one that even included the ottoman – for a very decent price!  So, it is now sitting in Alex’s nursery!  Thanks Pat and Dale!

Tonight is my work’s Christmas party – a pot-luck at a staff member’s house.  This is the first time in 7 years that I haven’t planned the party – now I should be able to enjoy it!

Matt mentioned on the way home from Babies R Us last night that he hasn’t felt the whole holiday thing yet this year.  I think it is because we are thinking and planning for January and for when Alex is coming home – we are not focusing on what’s happening in the now.   He’s gone fishing this morning – I think I might go downtown and revel in the holiday madness – Stratford has a beautiful and relatively thriving downtown (mainly due to the summer theatre visitors).  Then I might get the holiday bug bite.  Or perhaps some more eggnog will help out?

4 + 5

So yesterday was a great day (for the most part)!  I was so excited to find that I made my first Etsy sale!  That put a huge smile on my face.  I have had personal orders for my Weirdos from my friends, but this was the first online sale.  Yeah!  Yesterday was also 8 months since we got the call that we could start our home study.   I can’t believe that we have accomplished so much in 8 months.   I however started to come down with a cold mid afternoon, and felt crappy for the rest of the day… I did get to watch Grey’s Anatomy, but not with my girlfriends like we normally do (didn’t want them to get sick).   Just have to say – Izzy and Denny – that is just getting too weird.  Also, I’ve had my throat cut open, and there is no way that woman would be laughing and hugging anyone that soon after surgery.

An update on the package we sent to Alex.  We didn’t send it through Purolator.  Matt went there – the girl at the counter though Korea was a city – and asked what country it was in.  Then she tried to tell him it would be $112 to send the box.  So, he said forget that and went to Canada Post.  There there were 3 rates – $12 for regular mail.  $30 for Priority, and $60 for Priority Express.  We went with Priority.  We just want him to have the package for Christmas, and not have it break the bank.  So, if you are going to be sending your package to your little one – you might want to consider your local postal service… you don’t get a tracking number, but it is affordable.

Today, I’m going to get my hair done – can’t wait!  I need a make over.  We also will be going to the PLOW benefit concert tonight.  Should be fun!

The nursery is not done, but it is getting there.  Christine made a great  suggestion at sneak peaks.  So, here is one of the crib with the quilt!  We will be dropping the mattress to the lowest level before Alex arrives, and since you wont’ see the hardware then, I’m going to forget about the crib skirt – saves me time!

What’s been happening…

Well Matt’s mom was sure surprised yesterday – Matt’s dad told her he was giving her a trip to South Korea for Christmas!  Yep, Pat will be coming with Matt and I in January to pick up our little Alex.  We really think she is going to have a blast! She has had 4 boys, so I’m sure she will be used to a crying baby 🙂

We have curtains up in the nursery, and the shelves are almost there – by Friday they should be in place.  Also we’ve been given a booster seat for Alex to use once he gets a little older.  It was given to us by a very nice lady named May.  Sadly May’s husband died last Thursday – they had been married for many years and were a lovely couple.  I had taught May and her husband how to use the computer a few years ago, and my mom knows them quite well – so that was a nice surprise.

Lastly, I finally watched Sex and the City the movie.  Tonight I came home from work, cooked a pizza, poured a glass of wine and watched it.  Ate the pizza, drank 2 glasses of the wine, and cried or laughed through the whole movie.  Luckily Matt was not home – I really dont’ think it would have been his type of movie, but I loved it.

The crib is in the house!

On Friday we received the call that our crib was in!  We were unable to pick it up on Saturday, so this afternoon in the sleet and rain, we drove to Baby Depot in Kitchener and picked it up.  Unfortunately the box did not fit into the back of our SUV… so, out of the box it came.  We had also bought the side rails to transform the crib into a double bed, and a crib mattress, so it was pretty full.  When we got it home, we got busy putting it together.  Now it sits in the nursery, awaiting a crib skirt, a quilt (both of which I’m going to get a start on right away), and of course, Alex!  I will take pictures once I get the bedding ready. 

The last few weeks have seemed so surreal – things happening so fast and all, but getting the crib somehow makes it seem more real.  Now we have a bed for Alex to come home to.  How many more weeks to go??? 

P.S. Belinda and Brenda –  you were so right – the crib is just beautiful!

Got some stuff done…

Well we managed to get a little bit done this weekend.  It turned out to be a crazy few days – I had to work, our neighbours had a party which woke us up in the middle of the night (we live in a semi, so even though the walls are thick, bass music seems to seek through), and Matt was coaching hockey, and some grocery store issues kept us busy and tired.  I did manage to watch P.S. I Love You on Sunday – OMG!  I loved that movie – so sad… I needed kleenex.  I’m such a sap.  I pulled apart the closet in the basement and dug out the change table.  I had Matt ensure that it will be safe (it is 20 years old) so now it just needs a new top, a new pad, and a paint job.  I also found a box of my childhood boxes.  3 of which I thought were rather ironic:

Leo the Lop by Stephen Cosgrove (1977) – it is about a bunch of rabbits and only one has lopped ears, so he stood out and felt like he wasn’t normal.

The Just Right Family by Larry Callen (a Cabbage Patch Kids book) (1984) – In this book a Cabbage Patch Kid who thought no one would ever adopt her finds her new family in a “surprising way”

Annie (1982) – this is a book based on the movie Annie – and I think we all know that one has an adoption theme.

Anyhow, I thought it was rather ironic that I have had these books since I was a little girl, and they were in the group of books that I kept.  Perhaps I always knew that this would be part of my life journey…