My Hockey Star

Have I mentioned before that Alex is a bit hockey crazy? Well maybe once or twice before.  Well his craze is back… and stronger than ever! I think getting him on skates a few weeks ago was the push he needed to find his love for the sport again.  Now on a daily basis we play hockey at least 3 hours a day – at least!  Alex has to wear his skates (Thomas slippers) and hockey gloves (his socks).  Often he will wear his helmet too (bike helmet or winter toque).   The stick of choice? His Team Canada goalie mini stick.   It is really quite adorable.  He runs around with his stick, chasing an indoor puck or ball, shooting at his little mini  nets.  It isn’t so adorable though when the two-year old comes out and Alex starts to hit the furniture… yep – not so cute.

A new addition this past week to the hockey craze is the need to wear his Habs (aka Montreal Canadiens) jersey.  He wears it while he is playing hockey, he wears it to the sitters, while he eats, and while he sleeps.  I have been able to convince him by showing him the food stains that it needs to go in the wash.  That buys me a few hours to get it clean.  But once it’s clean, it’s back on for another couple of days.

Book Pairings

The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier

That’s Hockey by David Bouchard