Very Timely

This morning in my e-mail, I received my weekly My Toddler This Week update from BabyCenter and one of the topics covered was how to handle Temper Tantrums.  This was perfect since last night we had a real doozy (Karen – I’m sure you are laughing at me right now!) 
I was trying to catch Alex to put his diaper on after bath time and he freaked out when I laid him on the ground to get the job done.  It probably lasted 5 minutes.  He threw his sweaters around,  (I did get it on him before the screaming began thank goodness) and stomped around crying and screaming.  I picked him up to hold him – but that didn’t help – then he wouldn’t let me put him on the ground.  A new picture book finally distracted him enough to calm him down. 

Here’s the link to the babycenter article, but if anyone has tried and true tips for dealing with a tantrum please pass them on!  I hear tantrums go on for few years.  The article does mention getting enough good food (done) and enough rest (not so good – Alex won’t sleep much at the sitters) can work wonders.