Alex LOVES hockey.  He doesn’t like it – or really like it.  He LOVES hockey.

When hockey comes on TV he screams and points.  After Alex is done his morning milk, he runs to find his mini sticks, one for him and one for Matt or I, and we have to play until breakfast.  Pretty much any spare time is devoted to improving his hockey skills.  And I must admit – he is pretty good.  Alex loves to play with multiple balls – it makes it much more fun. 

Remember how I mentioned that Alex loves the Sears catalogue?  Guess what – he still does – especially the hockey toys:


Hmmmm... what do I want?


17 responses

  1. That is a cute hockey player there. I seriously laughed at his facial expressions. Alex, you are SO funny AND cute! And pssst…you are missing a Croc (shoe) in that first shot. 🙂

    • I know! He wears just the one as he wanders around the house (not sure where the second one is…) He sometimes has one blue one on too – or just his winter boots.

  2. I just love his facial expressions as he is looking at the catalogue. Definitely think you have a future hockey player!

  3. SO CUTE! I love the pics of him looking in the Sears Catalogue. My brother is counting down the days when he can play mini-sticks hockey with Xander

  4. Those pics are hilarious! We totally get the mini stick thing, and just the whole hockey thing-we’ve got 2 boys that enjoy it immensly! Matthew will be starting the TimBits hockey in the fall-can’t wait, that’s the best year!

  5. The neighbor boy across the street (he’s 3) is exactly the same way. Hockey is his obsession. And, it IS amazing how good he is for being so young. Sounds like Alex is on the same trajectory!

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