Snow Much Fun!

Over the last few weeks we have been able to get out and enjoy some of Ontario’s winter wonderland. I wish I could say we enjoyed the outdoors more throughout the winter – but the temps have been pretty extreme – either really cold or mild and mucky. When it has been somewhat decent, we have made the best of it.

Alex has enjoyed playing in his tree fort…


We had fun making a snowman (within a few days he was gone due to a warm spell)


And during March Break, we went up north to the cottage and enjoyed sledding – in the middle of the lake (Mush Momma!), down a small hill for Alex, and Matt and I went down Hazard Hill (yes – as scary – and fun – as it sounds!)




While we have had some fun… I am done with winter. Done done done. Are you with me?

Cottage Summer 2012

Most years we go up to the cottage in July. This year, because of work and a number of other factors, we didn’t make it up. Instead we spent some time in August. We were up at Matt’s parents place for a full week mid August, and then up again the following weekend.

The first full week was a lot of fun – despite less than ideal weather (think single digits over night – brrr!). We went over to our property and “closed up” for the season. We took out the dock (well, Matt really did – I helped push at one point – the crazy huge dock spiders are reason enough not to get involved), covered up our “toilet” and brought a few things home. We also had some friends up for two days which was a lot of fun – especially for Alex. He loved having playmates there. We hunted for frogs, went fishing, boating, had dinner with family down the lake, and mostly – relaxed.


Our second trip up was for a wedding reception at a resort on the Lake of Bays. Lake of Bays is in heart of Muskoka  where you can find “cottages” (think $$,$$$,$$$) owned by various celebrities, NHL players, etc. I was really looking forward to catching a glimpse of some of these places… but sadly it was dark when we go there. The reception started at 9pm, and since our baby sitting fell through last minute, we had Alex with us. He was a real trooper though, tired little guy, but he held out until close to 11:30. The resort was gorgeous from what we could see – I really want to go explore one day in the daylight. The rest of the weekend was a bonus. Great weather so we could finally get in the lake for a little swim.


I can’t wait to get back up there at Thanksgiving. By then the leaves will most likely have fallen since many trees were changing colours already, but the crisp cool air is something I look forward to.

Another Trip North

We recently returned from another week at Matt’s parents cottage. We really are quite fortunate to have their cottage as an escape. Sure it can be quite the drive – for instance for this past trip it took 3.5 hours there… 5 hours back… but when you get there and can sit back on the dock, put your feet up and look around it is definitely worth it.  Some highlights include boat rides, atv rides, raspberry picking, a number of yummy meals, and a day over at our property clearing.

Here is a photo recap of our trip


Ok – this post should just about get me up to date!

Last week we got away to the cottage for about 8 days… and lucky for us the weather was amazing! We usually are stuck with rain. We relaxed, swam, boated, visited our property, rode the ATV, and hosted some friends for a few days. Alex was  a real trooper when we went over to our land – we did a little clearing!  5 whole trees! That’s huge when you are with a 3 year old, and well, your wife is me. Also he went the majority of the trip in his undies or his swimming trunks!  We are almost there.  It was in all a great time away. And as strange as it sounds, it was nice to spend so much time with Alex! Since I work full-time, and Alex goes to the sitter most days (except in the summer – then he halves his time with Matt), I miss so much. But that week away we got to really just reconnect. I had started a listing of all the fun things I wanted to post about, but I’ve somehow misplaced it… but that’s ok – just know it was a great time.  I really learned a hard lesson on the way home though. We were on the back roads, being detoured all over the place due to construction – and after finding yet another detour, I had it – and said the “f word” – and guess who else said the word? You got it… Not cool.

Mason was in his glory - hunting frogs.




Happy Thanksgiving!

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada – and it was a GORGEOUS weekend for it!  This year we headed north to Matt’s parents cottage – Alex and I went up with the in-laws on Thursday night and Matt and Mason came up on Friday.  It was such a nice getaway (minus my cold).  The sun was out all the time, the skies were a brilliant blue, and while it was chilly at times, you couldn’t help but be outside.  And it was a great opportunity to play with my various camera settings – I just wish I had brought the manual… oh well.  So lots of pictures – enjoy!

Alex and Poppa exploring the shore

All ready to go boating... except for the boat not being in the water...

Out for a walk in the leaves

He is standing in this picture - there were that many leaves!

Mist on the water early one morning...

The mist is so eerie, yet so beautiful

This boy just LOVES fish!

Excuse the boogies, but this picture is too funny! It's a worm lure - Alex's best friend for the weekend

In his element

No - I'm not dirty - I'm just super cute!

Learning to chug beer with the boys - this was minutes after Alex learned how to start the ATV - seriously.

My new favourite shot - I've entitled it "early monday morning"

2010 family photo on our rock

Say cheese wormie!

Our Little Retreat

It’s official.  Matt and I are impulsive.

Just under a month ago we put in an offer on a piece of property up in cottage country – and as of yesterday it is officially ours!

It’s an island lot on Lake Cecebe, which is about a 30min drive from Matt’s parent’s cottage. It is vacant right now – jut a lot of trees – but we have some big plans – a dock, then a shed, then a bunkie and eventually a cottage (like in 15 years).

So… does anyone know how to wield an axe? We may need some help.

And we are back…

We got back on Friday afternoon, but we have been so busy since that this is the first time I’ve been able to do up a vacation post. 

As you know from my last post, it was raining, a lot, during our vacation.  Probably 10 of the 14 days.  But we still had fun.  To fill the days, we took road trips to Huntsville to do a little shopping, to North Bay to go on a carousel and mini train and visit Nipissing where Matt did is B-Ed, and we took many drives, including one to Midlothian Ridge near Magnetawan.  We also had a few friends over for dinner, and went to Huntsville to visit friends for dinner too.   The rain was hard.  It is a small cottage, and as Matt’s mom says, the cottage gets smaller and smaller as the days go on, especially when it is raining!  

Alex did a lot of growing over the 2 weeks we were away.  Seriously – we think he was in a growth spurt – he ate and ate and ate, and cried a lot too (not sure if that was the teething though or the growth spurt).  The first week he had a constant runny nose and we think a sore mouth, but that didn’t stop him from motoring around!   He motored so much that he walked out the door and didn’t notice the step… oops!  That resulted in a pretty big raspberry on his forehead, poor little guy!  He swam, he ran, he walked backwards, he went for boat rides and paddle boat rides, he played in the mud, he played in his new little water boat, he got bit by bugs, and he got spoiled lots!  Alex also learned a few new words, some of which include: bubbles, hat, papa, and moo.  Alex also go to enjoy his first Canada Day, his 14 month birthday, and we celebrated Alex being with us for 5 months!

It was kinda sad to leave this…

cottage 119

But I had to remember that it was mainly like this:

cottage 017

So here are a few pictures from the 2 weeks away, enjoy!

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Midlothian Ridge's Screaming Heads

Midlothian Ridge's Screaming Heads

One of the Screaming Heads

One of the Screaming Heads, aka tombstones

Exploring the Water With Daddy

Exploring the Water With Daddy

Splash Splash!

Splash Splash!

On the Carousel

On the Carousel

This Year's Family Photo

This Year's Family Photo

Victoria Day Weekend

This past weekend was Victoria Day weekend – which is bizarre since Queen Victoria’s birthday was May 24… which is next weekend.  I guess it is celebrated the Monday before the 24th.  Anyhow – we went away to Matt’s family cottage, something we usually do every May 2-4.  That is how we refer to the weekend – May 2-4.  The cottage is 4 hours north- and on the way there Alex was pretty good considering the length of time he was in the car seat.  We left at 7pm Friday so that we could take advantage of his bedtime – and it worked pretty well.  Only a few melt downs – our boy likes to spread out when he sleeps – and well, that doesn’t work very well in a car seat.

When we arrived, everyone was sleeping – Matt’s parents and his nephew Tyson were there – so everyone got up and we hung out for about an hour – Alex included.  Let’s just say his sleep schedule was thrown way offthis past weekend.  Too much to do, too many noises…  Saturday Matt, his Dad, and Tyson went fishing, and since it was raining, Matt’s mom and I went to “town” with Alex and bought some junk food.  The ladies in the grocery store thought Alex was great – I don’t think they see very many Korean people in Burk’s Falls!  We hung out the rest of the time in the cottage – and Alex didn’t take his afternoon nap until about 5 when I insisted he needed to sleep.  Every time we laid him down he freaked out and wouldn’t stop crying – I think he was just overly tired.  Even though we were stuck indoors it was really fun since Alex was into walking way more than normal.  He had been walking to and from us quite a bit before the weekend – but now he is trying to go everywhere on his own.  He still crawls a lot, but walking seems to be becoming his travel method of choice.

Sunday was a beautiful day – blue skys… but cold.  I’m talking when I woke up there was snow on the ground.  Just a dusting, but it was still snow!  We took Alex on his first ATV ride – which he thought was a real hoot.  Matt and I also took a nice long drive on the back roads of the Almaguin Highlands looking for moose, deer… but no animals, but beautiful landscape.  I think the lack of sleep and excitement caught up to our boy however because Sunday night – he was up at least 7-8 times crying uncontrollably.  Perhaps he was cold, he was confused about where he was, or his molars were acting up – but whatever it was cause everyone in the cottage to have a very sleepless night. 

Monday was the nicest day at the cottage – warm, blue sky… but BLACK FLIES!! If you don’t know what a black fly is, thank your lucky stars you haven’t encountered them yet.  They are tiny little flies that bite your skin and leave huge welts… you literally are wearing nets when outside when they are around.  We don’t have them in Stratford, but up north they are a real pain in May and June.  Bug spray doesn’t work either.  So we were stuck inside for much of the day.  I don’t know what was up with Alex – but let’s just say he dirtied 4 diapers before noon, and 3 between lunch and when we got home.  The last one I had to change was at a coffee shop on the way home – and it was the worse one I have ever had to change ( He is much better today thank goodness!).  BTW, did I mention I was sick the whole weekend? 

This post probably seems like we did not have much fun – but we really did.  When we go North we always look forward to amazing meals and perhaps a bottle glass of wine or two.  We also enjoy just relaxing and enjoying the scenery, the fresh air, and just being away.    Mason is also in his element.  He just runs and runs and looks so very happy – just look at the pictures below.  However it is just so much different when you have a child there.  Things aren’t baby proofed for instance – there is a wood stove in the middle of the living room for instance, so you are extra paranoid about what might just happen.

Mommy and Alex

Mommy and Alex

Mason - look at that smile!

Mason - look at that smile!

March Break

It is March Break right now in our town, and since my hubby is a teacher, we have been able to spend a lot of time together – which has been fabulous.  Sunday to Wednesday we went away with Matt’s parents to their family cottage – about 4.5 hours north of Stratford.  Alex was amazing in the car – he just played, ate, and napped.  And he teethed – oh yeah – 4 new teeth since Friday!!  And we all survived! Yeah!!

There was still enough snow at the cottage that we were able to snowmobile our supplies in – we couldn’t drive in – the road isn’t maintained in the winter.  There was no running water – Matt and his dad trudged water up from the lake for cleaning and ‘flushing’.  We ate great meals, and Alex, considering he was pretty much in a one room area, was great.  He didn’t go after the fireplace (thank goodness!) or the baseboard heaters.  He got his first sled ride and real play in the snow – we have video – but I’m such a bad blogger – I haven’t attempted to upload it yet. 

My Boys Checking Things Out

It was interesting sleeping in the same room as our little man .  He was in his pack n’ play, Matt and I were on the bottom bunk – with Mason.  It was very dark in the room and Matt and I each had cases of being too hot, too cold, too confined… argh.  We have to get used to it!   We will be going up for a week straight in the summer.  It is amazing how a baby creates a whole new dynamic up there!  We are just truly grateful for having access to such a wonderful getaway.

And… Alex said Momma!! Atleast 2-3 times.  He said it at the beginning of the trip – but hasn’t since.  He says dada all the time…


The rest of March Break we are hoping to rest.  A friend is also having a birthday bowling party Saturday night so we will be going out for that. I think my mom will be watching Alex – it will be the first time Matt or I are not putting Alex to bed!!  We are also going to take Alex to church.  We have not attempted it yet – it falls at the same time as he is waking from a nap – but we want him to be baptised – so he needs to meet our minister.  Wish us luck!