Snow much fun!

Cheesy title – I know… but I couldn’t resist.

One of the things I love about living where we do is that we get 4 distinct seasons – and lots of snow. I love looking at the snow, taking walks in the snow… but I don’t like driving in the snow. And usually by February I’ve had enough and I’m dreaming about getting away from the snow…  Can you blame me?  But that is the one downside of Matt’s occupation – you can’t take vacation through the school year (boo!!)

So far this year we have had a lot of snow fall, but it has been too cold to play outdoors.  However two weeks ago, we had a perfect Saturday morning for a walk and a sled ride around the neighbourhood.  And lucky me, I brought my small digital camera for the walk.

I highly recommend getting a sled with a high back – Alex kept sliding down… not fun.  This one was great for going down the hills though!

There was a beautiful 22 degree halo around the sun.  I thought it was a sun dog, but they seem to have more bright spots around them.

And then we found a hill to go sledding on! It is really just a back fill hill from all the construction going on – but perfect for our little guy on a snowy day!