Senior Kindergarten

It’s hard to believe that our little boy is now in his second year of school! In Ontario there is now Junior and Senior Kindergarten – Alex is now an SK kid. Alex still has the teacher as last year which is nice – I think he will find comfort with the familiarity – and hopefully talk in class this year!  He is still full day every other day this year – going to a babysitters on his non school days.  This year he will also be in the Before and After School program to allow us to get to work on time and not rush to pick him up.  He has lots of friends there and he seems to be really enjoying it.

Now, I did something I never thought I would do – I sent Alex to school on the WRONG day!! The Kindergartners have staggered start dates… and I went by one calendar which showed his class starting on Wednesday… not the letter sent back in June with his official start date of Friday… oops! A few tears were shed – but nothing long lasting. So we have two sets of first day of school pics.





Guess Who…

Started school today!


Alex started Junior Kindergarten today – and he did a great job! He didn’t cry one bit. Mom and Dad didn’t cry either (at least not this morning – a tear or two may have been shed the night before).  Turns out there are quite a few kids we know in his class which makes the whole transition easier for us to handle.

One of the items we had to prepare for school was a jar with some identifying things in it: a crayon for eye colour (brown), a number of items matching your age (4 Korean coins), something green if you were a boy (a piece of leg0) and a picture of when the child was baby or toddler. The teacher was to pick one jar a day and the glass was to guess who the jar belonged to. Alex’s jar was the first one picked! The guessed it was him from the picture…

Alex – 10 months old

Not too surprised there!

Goodness – where did this baby go?



Back before Alex, I didn’t really believe people when they said that kids grow up so fast. Now I do.

In just a couple of weeks, Alex is starting Junior Kindergarten.  Yes, I’m quite emotional about this big step!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very excited for him. I’m excited that Alex will meet some new friends, learn new things, become more independent…  but…

Alex’s speech is something that is of concern to us. Right now, Alex is unable to say his name – something we are supposed to have him able to do before JK.  It comes out more like “Ali Robi”.  (note to people choosing kids names – make sure it is easy to pronounce!) We are working on the sounds, but its going slowly.   He is still in his SmallTalk, and we work on various sounds and word endings all the time, but like everything with Alex – it will all come when he’s ready.  That being said, we have really seen a real development in Alex’s sentences – much longer, more complex, and even more clear. I’m sure his speech will improve quite a bit once he is around more of his peers.

Alex is excited about school. He told me this week that he wants to take the bus! It picks up the neighbourhood kids just down the street.  I was hoping to drive him – but I think the bus will be good for him – so long as he can find his classroom after he gets off the bus…

Alex will be attending Junior Kindergarten, every other day, at a school which has a set-up called “Balanced School Day”. With a Balanced School Day, the day is split up into thirds with no main lunch break, rather two nutrition breaks.  It is also a peanut free school and there is boomerang lunch – everything you bring must go back with you – no garbage allowed. As you can imagine, that leads to all sorts of things we need to consider: lunch containers, smaller portion sizes, creativity with the food options, teaching Alex what he’s allowed to eat at each break…

So, to deal with this concern, we have purchased the “Balanced Day Lunchbag” – the hockey print of course. Also we have also picked up some special containers that have “flip” closures to make it easier for little fingers to open and close.  It’s also been suggested to me to send one thing in a baggie so that Alex an put any “messy” garbage like pudding containers in there – last thing I want to see at the end of the day is pudding all over his bag! I’m also going to be researching balanced day break meal ideas – you can follow me on Pinterest if you are interested in  them too.

I’ve also been getting his school wardrobe ready. We just need to get him some running shoes and rubber boots and we will be set for a while.  And we need a backpack – I’m thinking Spiderman.


Seriously? School?

Today we had Alex’s registration for “Junior Kindergarten” or JK as we tend to call it. JK is the first round of Kindergarten, then they move on to Senior Kindergarten when they turn 5.  Registration was fairly simple – fill out a few forms and visit some stations to meet their future teacher, to visit the public library booth (which was reviewing the kids library website that I designed) and a station from the Health Unit that went over the “Nipissing Test” – but we had also done that when Alex turned 3 so we didn’t stay there long.  Alex wasn’t very impressed I must say… and he isn’t super excited about school – but I’m hoping that will change closer to next September.

But really, I’m not very excited about him going to school either! It’s hard to imagine Alex hopping on a bus all by himself next year, and navigating through a large public school to his class all by himself, and then somehow find the bus again, get on, get off at the right stop and then walk home.  He will only be 4!  So I’m planning on driving him to school every day, and Matt will be picking him up most days as well. There is some question as to whether or not Alex will be able to continue attending this school when he gets to SK. They want to make it to a complete French Immersion program school and ship him across town to a school that I’m not super keen on him attending. One of the reasons we moved to the neighbourhood that we did was so he could attend the  “preferred” school in town. So we will see how that goes….  There are a lot of people fighting this change, but in the end it will be up to the school board.

Crazy but our boy is growing up!