I like to think of myself as a “crafty” sort of person. I enjoy sewing, quilting, needle point, scrapping… Alex has yet to adopt that quality. Perhaps he never will – you never know. But I want him to be creative and a “maker” of things – whether it is in science, technology, cooking… whatever he enjoys.
Every so often I break out an experiment to try. We’ve done baking of course, but also experiments with vinegar and baking soda, oil and watercolour changing milk, and oobleck, water beads… and most recently… slime.

It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure if the recipe I followed was the best one (it wasn’t the one linked above!) and I don’t think you have to use brand name glue…  I used the stuff from the dollar store. Alex loved it! I highly recommend it if you want something fun to do on a rainy day! (note – just be sure to do it away from carpet….)


Here is a vine I did of it in action.

Next is the ivory bar experiment!

Ideas Please!

Last summer one of my good friends was garage saling and came across an amazing find – 8 yards of beautiful Korean silk for just $20. She quickly sent me a text asking if I wanted her to grab it for me – and of course I said yes! The question now is… what to do with it?! 


I was thinking maybe a table runner… but that won’t use up 8 yards. As you can tell it is a feminine colour scheme – stripes of pink, yellow, blue and red with various Korean symbols. 

Thoughts? Ideas? Please inspire me!


Like many of you all, I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. I could spend hours and hours pinning all the pretty items, yummy recipes, cute quotes, and so much more – and I’ll tell you I have done that.  One of my blogging friends Rachel has been posting about all the things she has done that she has discovered on Pinterest – and also she has asked what we have done. At first I thought, geeze, I really haven’t done much. But while browsing my pins, I’ve discovered I have tried some of the wonderful things I’ve found.

Sponge Balls
Made these for Alex – but used them at the cottage, in lake water, with sand… while the balls were very cool, they got pretty nasty fast. I recommend using them on grass – much more fun.

Party Streamers
Made these for Alex’s birthday party – so freaking easy and so cool! We were able to tape them to our outdoor patio tent – I’m not really sure about taping them to a ceiling…

Rolled Fabric Wreath
I have this partially done… I tried to have a number of them made for my craft show – but when I tried to find the christmas sprigs… they were nowhere to be found. It was too early in the season I guess. So.. within the next few weeks it will be done!

Embroidery Thread Organizer
Did this – fabulous idea! So easy – so organized. Must get more embroidery thread… I’m running dangerously low.

Fabric Headband
I made one of these with some lovely Amy Butler scraps that I had. Super easy – just wish I looked better wearing it (need my hair to grow some…)

Felt Poppy
Made a variation of these (using the base pattern) for my craft show! They were a huge hit. $1 of each sale went to the Poppy Fund. I wish I had a picture…. but I sold out at the craft show!

Felt Heart Bookmark
I altered my felt bookmark pattern I have been using for a couple of years to look more like this one – very cute.

Button Bracelet
Made this with a number of off white buttons – I think it turned out ok, but next time I will use more elastic that is a tad more narrow.

Framed Hand Print
I made this with scrapbooking paper for Matt for Father’s Day! Turned out ok – not as nice as the one on Pinterest though.

Craft Show

So my craft show was… in my opinion… a great success! Did I tell you that already? We had a great turn out – especially in the morning – and considering there was so much going on in town that day. I sold probably at least half of my “wares” so I was happy.  Who knows if we will do it again – it was not as successful for some vendors – but most people sold at least something.

On the 8th day of Christmas…

(ok, pretend this is December 20th… I’m a tad behind)

…my true love gave to me…

the inspiration to craft again! I haven’t been all that crafty in recent months.  Crafting has always been a great way for me to relax.  However I just haven’t found the time – or should I say made the time – to get creative in recent months. It’s a goal of mine to reconnect with my creative side, and relearn how to relax…

So here are eight of the things that I want to make… I figure if I start now, they will be ready for 2011!

3-D Paper Star Wreath
From Little Birdie Secrets

Scrappy Ribbon Wreath
From Little Birdie Secrets

Elf on the Shelf
From Jane of all Crafts

Holiday Cheer Book Wreath
From Homemade by Jill

(goodness – my house is going to have so many wreaths!!)

Kusudama Balls
From Birdie, Bean & Baby Jee

Five Pointed Snowflakes
From How About Orange

(I love paper snow flakes in my windows!)

Holiday Book
From Elise Blaha

Gift Card Cozies
From Make It and Love It

On the second day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me… a simple Christmas craft!

Alex and I made this fun little Christmas craft. All you need is some construction paper, scissors, glue, and  holiday stickers and you are set! I really hope that Alex starts to get into crafting.  He has the patience of a two-year old right now (understandable since his is 2), but that means he doesn’t necessarily want to sit for very long – so simple crafts are the best for us.  Alex was quite proud of this piece of art. He ran around showing it off (as you can tell, it has a bit of wear), and showed me where he wanted it displayed – up with all of our Christmas cards.  Love it!

Other simple yet fun Christmas crafts I’ve recently come across:

Valentines Crafts

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by a fellow Librarian that I work with to make a few crafty bits for her Valentines Party as well as gifts for her daughters.  I had two heart brooches for sale on Etsy, so she took those as give aways for her party:

And for her daughters, I made something that I’ve been considering making for some time – velvet button cuffs:

I had seen something similar for sale at a local store – and thought, hey I could make those – and make them a lot nicer! So, red for VDay!  Now I need to make one for myself – by Sunday… probably not.  Black is more my colour anyhow 🙂


Today I’m celebrating!  What are you celebrating you ask?


  1. It is a beautiful warm day today.
  2. As of today there have been 1000 comments on our blog!! 
  3. Alex is getting yet ANOTHER tooth!  His 7th – this one is on the bottom.

How am I celebrating?

I’m giving away one of my Wacky Weirdos!  It can be one of my frogs or rabbits – in blue, purple, green or pink.

How can you win?

Visit my etsy shop, you can see the frogs and “wabbits” and leave a comment on this post as to animal you would like and the colour.  Also in your comment be sure to leave a reason why you are celebrating today!

On April 1st at 12noon I will make a draw by random number generator for the winner!

Good luck and happy celebrating!