Etsy Find

I just found this print on Etsy and had to share. The artist’s shop is called youmin.   There is a whole collection of canvas art and prints of trees with meaningful korean symbols on them.  The one below is Happiness.  I’m just trying to decide which one I want…

Etsy Find

As you know, I’m a HUGE Etsy fan.  I browse Etsy pretty much on a daily basis, hearting all my favourite items and shops.  My newest find is a store called Skinner Studio.  In the shop she sells vintage atlas jewelery – and for those who know me well, know I’m a vintage map fan (stems from my bachelor in Human Geography).  Anyhow, one of her necklaces features South Korea, and one of the cities on the map is where Alex was born in (no, not Pyongyang).  So I ordered it up as a Mother’s Day gift to myself.  I hope it comes before this weekend so I can wear it on Sunday. 

Why not…

… treat yourself? 

That’s what I thought. I was just on Etsy and discovered a really cool site – One Dollar  Jewelry!  It is a store located in Costa Rica and they sell lovely jewelery – really cheap!  Seriously – I just got 2 pairs of earrings for $3.00 US.  Shipping is very cheap too – only $.75 if you are in the US and $1.00 if you live elsewhere. 

I got this pair:

and this pair:

Let’s hope they get here soon!

New Etsy Finds

Tonight, doing what I regularly do, I was browsing Etsy, and I discovered a very cool site – Paper and Tee. They have tee shirts for adults, children, and even dogs with Korean words on them such as Kiss, Love, and for some odd reason the name Lee.  Check them out.  Considering Mason’s opinion of the bib we put on him tonight, I really don’t think he would enjoy a tee shirt… but you never know.

There is also the Personalized Jewelery Shop where you can have your name converted into Korean.  I have a necklace with my name in Arabic, and it is pretty cool – but I would love a Korean one.

I Love Etsy – so much to see…

Etsy Weirdos

In the last couple of weeks I have been making a few Weirdo Softies – Funky Frogs and Wacky Wabbits.  I have posted 3 on Etsy (I’m sending a Blue Wacky Wabbit to Baby R in Korea with a care package in the next few weeks).   I had been planning on making more – perhaps in my “spare time” – now that is funny!!! Anyhow – check them out and perhaps they might be perfect for your little one 🙂