Hockey Day in Canada…

and Stratford!  Yesterday was Hockey Day in Canada – a day where Canadians celebrate our national sport – hockey.  Each year, a different location across the country is chosen to host the big day, while most communities also celebrate with local events.  This year – Stratford was the host city – and that is our home town!  So all week there have been events going on around town, the stores downtown were all decked out in hockey colours, with blue and yellow ribbons and there was a real buzz in the air as hockey celebrities descended on Stratford.  On Friday I went to get my hair done and it just so happened that the salon had given out an invitation to Don Cherry & Ron Maclean (hosts of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada) to have spa services done – and the CBC came in to interview the salon owner.  I had colour on my roots at the time, so luckily I was hidden from view of the cameras (although they did catch my boots at one point).  Matt went skating with his school with hockey celebs and his uncle Dean, a local author, was interviewed about Howie Morenz, the Stratford Streak, a famous Hab. 

So yesterday, in the -18C weather, we  got bundled up and went down to the festivities.  It was pretty cool to see, but it was way too COLD to stay around very long – especially since most activities were outside.  There was a lot of ice skating on the river, you could have your picture taken with the Stanley Cup, or you could watch hockey all day long.  After about an hour we went back home and watched the rest of Hockey Day on tv…. and played mini sticks.


10 responses

  1. Sounds like a great time…true Canadian fun! Alex looks adorable in his hockey jersey! Did he just get his haircut, because he looks a lot older! Daniel just got his hair cut today *finally*…and he looks so much more like a boy than a baby! I have to post new pics.

  2. You guys are so lucky to have Hockey Day in Canada in your home town. We did a lot of hockey watching on tv yesterday too. Alex looks so cute in his jersey!

  3. I love the three generations of Habs fans photo! I was watching Hockey Day in Stratford and thinking of your family. It looked like it was pretty cool. Alex’s haircut is adorable! Adam also just got his hair cut and is now sporting a full brush cut!

  4. OK, I had to ask Jon what a “Hab” was. He looked at me with disdain and said “um, a Montreal Canadien.” Like, duh. Well, excuse me. Anyway, looks like lots o’ fun – I bet Alex will be a star hockey player some day and make his Appa proud 🙂

  5. What fun! And in Stratford too. Stratford has had a lot of action this year with Hockey Day and the torch. I love that you guys get out to see it all.

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