And in a blink it was over…

I cannot belive that today is December 31st – where did the holidays go? We’ve been running from gathering to gathering, trying to enjoy every moment, but honestly – it has been hard.  I’ve been sick with a never ending sinus infection, and we’ve had our “moments” with out sweet little toddler (hey – he’s two and you know what they say about two-year olds!).  For the most part though, we had a wonderful holiday.  There were 6 gatherings in so many days, but luckily we didn’t have to travel very far since our family lives pretty close by.   It was so much fun seeing Christmas through Alex’s eyes.  He was so excited Christmas morning, we made sure to capture it all on video so we can watch it for years to come.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends too!

So here are a few pictures from our holiday.  By next year I hope to figure out how to use my camera correctly – I obviously am doing something wrong…

Warming hands by the fire...

Assisting with a little holiday baking.

Alex checking out his new train track Christmas morning.

Mason showing off his new "ticken"

Our 2010 picture... can you tell I'm on some cold meds? Or was it the egg nog?

Alex's first time on skates!! Nervous, but a natural, especially with his new hockey stick.

On the 11th day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me…

a personalized video from PNP (Portable North Pole).  Well – Alex got one that is 😉

You can watch it by clicking the picture below.

There are so many fun sites to visit during the holidays. I remember when I was little we would call the local radio station to talk to Santa.  That was such a big deal.  But now, you can get personalized videos from sites like Portable North Pole, you can Elf Yourself, and you can even track Santa on Christmas Eve.  I even have an app on my iPhone where Alex can call Santa – how cool is that?

If you are looking for sites that are more child friendly to use try some on the Kids page I put together for our library. I like the Disco Dancing Santa 🙂

On the 9th and 10th day of Christmas…

… my true love gave to me…

10 years of celebrating Christmas together! It has been 10 years since Matt and I started dating, and in fact just 10 years and 11 days ago, we went on our first official date.  (An NHL game – Ottawa vs Montreal, while I was living in Ottawa.) 

It has also been 9 years of living together with our own tree.  Here are a few pics of us at Christmas over our years together. (prior to 2003, we didn’t have a digital camera, and I don’t have a scanner at home.)


{we had just moved into our house - not a lot of decor... but there was a bow!}




somehow in the excitement of planning our trip to Seoul we forgot to take a picture.  I think that’s a good enough reason.


and soon enough we will have a 2010 picture!

On the 8th day of Christmas…

(ok, pretend this is December 20th… I’m a tad behind)

…my true love gave to me…

the inspiration to craft again! I haven’t been all that crafty in recent months.  Crafting has always been a great way for me to relax.  However I just haven’t found the time – or should I say made the time – to get creative in recent months. It’s a goal of mine to reconnect with my creative side, and relearn how to relax…

So here are eight of the things that I want to make… I figure if I start now, they will be ready for 2011!

3-D Paper Star Wreath
From Little Birdie Secrets

Scrappy Ribbon Wreath
From Little Birdie Secrets

Elf on the Shelf
From Jane of all Crafts

Holiday Cheer Book Wreath
From Homemade by Jill

(goodness – my house is going to have so many wreaths!!)

Kusudama Balls
From Birdie, Bean & Baby Jee

Five Pointed Snowflakes
From How About Orange

(I love paper snow flakes in my windows!)

Holiday Book
From Elise Blaha

Gift Card Cozies
From Make It and Love It

On the seventh day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me…

not much more sleep.  But since I want to share things that are joyous and make me smile during the 12 days, I won’t bore you with my whining – I’ll save that for another day.  Just know that Alex has a cold: mild fever, his nose is running like a faucet, a nasty cough, and to administer any form of medicine is a battle in itself. Waking every hour all. night. long…..

So for the seventh day, I’m going to share seven pictures of fun things from our weekend – yes, even when your child is sick you can have some fun.


Mmmm... fake candy decorations taste super yummy!


Alex tried a trick he learned from Noah and washed some dishes.


Trying out the new central vac...


And a first... crying before getting his hair cut. Only lasted a minute though. Phew!


Enjoying a Turtle after all the hard work was done.


And enjoying a nice hot chocolate... yum!


A beautiful city hall on a cold winter's day...

{ok, gotta be honest. none of these things happened today, but happened Friday & Saturday. I can’t find the usb cable to get the pictures off the camera which holds today’s events. sigh.}

On the fourth day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me

four reasons to smile today:

  1. Matt teaching Alex to say “Ma! Meatloaf!” a la Will Farrell in Wedding Crashers.  It comes out “Ma! MeeMee!” [will provide video once this is perfected]
  2. donating a toy this morning to the Toys for Tots program – hope it in turn makes another little person smile
  3. hearing the new Coldplay “Christmas Lights” song – gives me shivers
  4. getting unsolicited hugs from a certain little boy – the best feeling

Oh, and this picture makes me smile too 🙂

And here are four things to make you smile:

  1. cute present topper from Simply Modern Mom to go with…
  2. printable gift tags from leapfrog lane
  3. and while you are wrapping your presents, why not enjoy a Poinsettia cocktail
  4. while munching on some fudge… oh yeah…