Naturalpath update

So I’ve been going to the naturalpath now for 3 weeks for acupuncture and I have yet to see any real results.  But mind you, it hasn’t been time for the intense endo pain yet (give me a few days).  I’m taking my supplements (when I remember) and feel like a bit of a pill popper (12+ a day). Through the sessions, I have learned some interesting things in regards to endometriosis.  One thing is that technically I am not supposed to be drinking coffee or drinking any alcohol.  Ha ha ha!! Yeah right.  I’m down to one cup of coffee a day, so that isn’t bad.  And well, some days I need a glass of wine – and will keep going with that.  Also I shouldn’t be having any fatty meats like bacon or lots of red meat.  Lastly – I was told not to eat anything stored in plastic. So really – I guess I can’t eat anything.  No yogurt, nothing stored in tupperware, no milk in plastic bags, no meat stored in plastic containers, no bread because of the plastic bags… the list goes on.  Why do you ask? I guess the plastic can leach some estrogen into the food, and that excess estrogen can contribute to the growth of endometriosis.

I was also told to rub castor oil on my stomach to reduce the amount of scar tissue – has anyone tried that? I have yet to do it – it’s one of the things I’m sceptical about. 

Honestly – I’m not really sure how much of the above tips I believe in – but I do think the acupuncture is for real.  I feel tingles down my legs and soreness at times during treatments and the naturalpath says that is showing that my che is opening.  Who knows –  but it makes more sense than the excess plastic and estrogen.  

So that’s how it is going. I’m hoping things improve – I have high hopes in the accupunture treatments… so we will see.