Road Trip!

Last week we took a road trip to Montreal, Quebec. It was Matt, Alex and I, as well as Matt’s parents and nephew Tyson.  It was March Break here in Ontario, and since Matts a teacher, it is one of the few times through the school year that we can actually travel anywhere.  We drove the 7+ hour drive to Montreal – and all things considering, Alex was fabulous. We ended up taking turns in the back seat with him to help provide entertainment, but we also used a lot of snacks.

This was our 4th trip to Montreal (first time was for our honeymoon, then 2 other times for games). Each time I swear I’m going to speak more French. I pose my questions or responses in French in my head, but the words that come out are always English. Gotta work on that.

We were staying at an Omni hotel, and if you have the chance I recommend it.  They have a Kids club where children get a goody bag and they have a turn down service for the kids as well as milk and cookies. I was jealous.  The hotel was right downtown, so as soon as we got settled, we went off for a walk to the Bell Centre, the home of the Montreal Canadiens. Did I mention the purpose of our trip was to see a game?

We walked through the “legends” of Montreal – a new tribute area to the Canadian Greats. Alex had to say hello to “Uncle Larry”.

After a little more exploring, we went to eat at Reuben’s, a famous smoked meat sandwich shop in Montreal. [cue the food porn]

The following day, we wandered around Old Montreal, saw Notre Dame, the ports, and many quant streets – looks just like France don’t you think!

That evening, we took Alex to his first NHL game. Do you think our boy was excited? Oh yeah! Funny story though. On the way into the arena, Alex’s boot fell off and a lady was handing it to us when some security rushed up.  They thought someone was throwing the boot to start a riot. There were supposed to be some protests that night in response to Gary Bettman and the head hits issue.

Alex was a real trooper during the game. He cheered. He danced. He doled out the high fives to the guys sitting by us. And considering the game went to 10pm, I think he was awesome.  The Habs lost, but I don’t think Alex noticed.

In a few years, we hope to go back for yet another game. This boy is hooked.

The next morning we left Montreal, but before we left, we had to go to my favourite breakfast joint – Eggspectations.  You are going to drool with this ladies… And yes, it was delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend has been the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, and I must admit – even though I have so much to be thankful for this year, I was in a real foul mood.  I didn’t sleep well, Alex is sick, had to work Saturday, and then prepare a dinner for my family on Sunday – oh yeah – and it was raining.  It should have been fun, but I was just moody. 

However, at dinner when I looked at this little guy, I remembered what I’m so thankful for. Alex 031

A special congratulations to Barb and Andy too – they celebrated becoming parents one year ago when they received their referral for a beautiful baby boy – Daniel.  What a wonderful Thanksgiving for them!

Oh yeah, did you know that there are only 73 days to Christmas?