This weekend

I’m disappointed that we have not get a real move on the nursery.  I want to – but I want a reason to – like perhaps a referral…  I also feel that we need the crib to get started, (ordered it 6 weeks ago, and is supposed to be here in 8-10).  So this weekend I am going to prep my craft room / storage space in the basement to become the new spare bedroom, and hopefully we can move the spare bed down there.  Then when the crib is available for pickup, we will have a place to put it! 

Other things that need to be done:

  • dig out the changing table and repaint / recover it
  • stain the dresser we have the same colour as the crib
  • get curtains (IKEA run anyone?)
  • get a bookshelf
  • get a diaper genie (are these necessary?  I hear horror stories – what about a garbage can with a lid and latch?)
  • make a crib skirt, quilts
  • put up the pictures I bought from Etsy
  • oh, and get a referral…

Great Morning!

So this morning I’m reading by Bloglines account as I normally do, and when I got to the craft blogs I read I had an exciting surprise!  I had won a giveaway on Homemade by Jill!  It is a really groovy sock dog – I think he will look great in the baby’s room!  Thanks Jill! 

A Crib!!

Yesterday Matt and I went down to Baby Depot in Kitchener to look at cribs.  As I mentioned in a previous post I was interested in getting the Lollypop crib.  I did like the way it looks and the style, however it only will convert to a toddler bed – not a single or a double.  The style I figured could go to a single – but there is no conversion kit for that – so we started to look at a few others.  Matt really liked the “Yukon” crib, but as we looked around I fell in love with the Rossport.  This one has no open screw holes in the front and is sturdy.  That is one thing that sold us – you couldn’t shake and move it around.  When we were at Sears the floor models were so flimsy feeling (but I do realize they probably were not put together properly because I do have a friend with a nice sturdy crib from Sears).  We ordered the crib and the conversion kit for the double bed in Java – a nice dark brown stain. 

The crib should be coming in in 8-10 weeks.  Now I need to order the nursery fabric and get sewing!!

Prints for Nursery

I ordered 2 prints from Etsy for the nursery – both by Kristiana Parn.  They came today – I just love them!!

One is called Baby Bird

and the other is called Follow Your Heart

I love the hues, the simplicity, and the playfulness of the prints.  There are so many to choose from on Etsy – I had to just commit.  I have also committed to fabric scheme for curtains, crib skirt, and the other plush things for the nursery – it is called Surf and Sand by Marcus Fabrics .  I think it could be boy or girl – I’m thinking the dots for the curtains and plain teal for a small rocker I have that will be recovered. I think the star / flower fabric for the crib skirt.   Walls in the nursery will be a light blue.  I showed Matt the fabric and he really liked it too so now I just need to figure out how much and make an order!

I also have a crib in mind – the Lollipop Crib – it’s available at Baby Depot in Kitchener. It has the simple lines I like and converts to a bed.  Has anyone tried this crib?  Any feedback?  I have not found any reviews – not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…  I have yet to see it in person – I’m planning a trip to the store in early September.  

I looked at Sears – the only place in Stratford that sells cribs and the ones on display were very poor quality – wobbly, fake wood, scratched easily etc.  I hope the Lollipop is ok.

I so am happy to get a start on this! 

A girl I’ve been e-mailing who is also using our agency received her referral today from Korea – a very cute little boy!  Took 5.5 months for the referral!!  Congratulations Belinda and Steve!

A few things for the nursery

Over the last few weeks I have bought some baby clothes – I haven’t been able to resist!  When in Cleveland I went the The Children’s Place – and they had great deals – 50% off the sale price – so I got a three things – for less than $10!  They are “boyish” but I think they could be used for girls too – especially messing around at the cottage.  I have also taken advantage of some sales at Zehrs with the Joe Fresh line of clothes – various tee’s for $2.50 each – I love a great deal!  They are more unisex.  I’ve been getting things for 12-18 months so hopefully they will fit (we requested a child 6-12 months).   I hope I’m not jinxing myself!

Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes

My friend Suzy also gave me a bag full of boy clothes – in case we get referred a boy.  Our agency says that the majority of adoptions from Korea are boys, but most of the adoption blogs I read, the babies adopted are girls – so who knows!

I have also been collecting some books over time.  I hope to have a good collection for our baby at home, but will ensure that we have weekly visits to our local public library.  I’m sure the girls at work will want to see him or her!!

Books for Baby

Books for Baby

The book Dream: a tale of Wonder, Wisdom, and Wishesby Susan Bosak is a beautiful story of how a person’s hopes and dreams change from a baby through to old age.  The illustrations in this book are amazing – done by 15 famous artists.  The Blessing from Above book was a gift from Trish at work – it is a story about a kangaroo who wanted a baby – but no baby came to her pouch – until a bird fell from a tree into her pouch making her a mommy.  Thanks again Trish!  Then The Monster at the end of this Book was my favourite growing up – so when I saw it on sale at Chapters I couldn’t resist!  Grover is very cool.

One of the books is called The Hockey Sweaterby Roch Carrier.  Roch Carrier is a Canadian author, and for a time was the National Librarian of Canada.  I had the pleasure to meat Mr. Carrier in 2003 when he came to the Stratford Public Library to celebrate our Library’s centennial.  He did a book reading for children in the afternoon, and a book signing.  I had 2 copies of the Hockey Sweater autographed by him for our anticipated future children.  He wrote “To Robinson Child # 1, Welcome to this planet.  I wish you all the best.  Roch Carrier.”  He did the same on the second book – but to Robinson Child #2.  

TO Robinson Child # 1

To Robinson Child # 1

Bumper Pads

I’m back from Digipalooza, the conference was great and I will post more about the trip once I upload pictures from my camera.

Ok, so bumper pads.  As I mentioned in a previous post I was wondering if bumper pads were safe and necessary for a crib.  I have surveyed my friends and here are the results:

“used them with both the girls and never had a problem, they secure well to the crib and would be very difficult for the baby to suffocate itself. Also, I think it is good so they don’t bump their head against the side of the crib rails.”

“We got a bedding set that included them and we never used them – too many cons and I was terrified of SIDS. We debated putting them on recently as “baby” had fallen over (while jumping in his bed!) and hit his head, but then a friend pointed out that he could use them to step up and possibly fall over the edge….so no, I don’t think they’re a good idea.”

“Didn’t use them – heard some bad stories about very little kids getting caught up in them and reduced air flow. I didn’t look into it – just didn’t just them.”

I used them in the very beginning.  At around 5 months “baby” started to roll a bit and I was afraid that “baby” would roll into one and suffocate as “baby” only knows how to roll one way.  I will probably put them in again when “baby” can move around independently.  Plus, they make the crib look so much more beautiful!

“We used bumper pads for a little while but I found them annoying and the cat kept trying to play with the strings…I think they really are just decorative and I don’t think they provide actual safety. I could see how they could be dangerous, I remember waking up one morning and “baby’s” pudgy little face was pressed up to the bars of the crib, facing me like “baby” had been awake and watching me and I thought A/awww how cute and B/if he’d just rolled over in his sleep like that I’m sure glad I didn’t have bumper pads on the crib. We haven’t got any for this baby and come to think of it, most of the people I know who’ve recently don’t seem to have any on their cribs…”

“I think that it depends on the age of the child.  If he/she is really young and can’t move very well…I wouldn’t use them.  We started using them after 6 or 8 months when baby was more mobile-they also help to keep the soothers in!  Ha ha!  The health unit does not promote their use but as I said, if the baby can move around then they should be okay.  We have our Angel Care monitor that goes off if “baby” stops moving or breathing!”

“We started using bumper pads when “baby” started sitting up and moving around the crib because he kept hitting his head.  I didn’t use them when “baby” was young because i read stuff about air flow and SIDS but I found them necessary when “baby” started hitting his head, arms, legs etc.  It would wake him up.”

“I think bumper pads are another marketing ploy to make you spend money!! They have a very limited time when they are safe to use and are barely worth it.
You shouldn’t use them until the little one is rolling and able to lift their head (so they don’t smother), and then you need to remove them once the little one starts to stand so that they can’t use them to step up and fall out of the crib. I really think you only safely get a couple of months use out of them.”

So there it is… seems in my small survey the results were close – but most people didn’t use them, or don’t feel that they are useful for long periods of time.  I’m wanting to sew my own baby bedding, and it would really help reduce the amount of work I need to do… Any other thoughts readers?