Tuesday Tidbits

  • I think I’ve turned into the worlds worst blogger…. I keep thinking I should give this up – but then I seem to regain some energy to do it again… We will see.
  • Peer pressure can be a good thing. At least when it comes to our guy and his bike. Alex has been using just one training wheel for some time, and really didn’t need it any longer. But it took one of his little friends to come down the street with no trainers for him to finally decide he was ready for a 2 wheeler. So as soon as Alex saw his friend (who had been using trainers just 30 minutes before), he sat down and tried to get the extra wheel off. Then he was across the road to the sidewalk and off – super speedy I should add! No whip outs so far – fingers crossed!
  • We spent Canada Day up at our cottage lot camping – it was a great time. You can read more about it on our cottage blog.
  • One of the recipes I tried while up north was Chicks on Sticks – I highly recommend it if you are going camping! Super easy and very tasty. You can find it on my camping / cottage pinterest board.
  • C has me hooked on the Mortal Instruments series. On book 3 right now! And they are being made into a movie – sweet!
  • Any magazine readers out there? Our library just got Zinio – digital magazines free with your library cards – check your library you might get it!
  • Speaking of library – it is so nice that Alex can finally participate in the Summer Reading Club and activities at the library I work at! ¬†He just got his first sticker for reading 3 books – here’s hoping the momentum sticks.
  • Alex had his final report card home. He did pretty well considering he would rarely talk to the teachers making it difficult to assess his abilities. We are going to be working on his abcs and 123s this summer to help with JK this September.
  • Alex’s belly button surgery is set for this August – any tips for those who have had their kids in surgery?
  • We are experiencing some real behaviour issues with Alex – lots of whining – and lots of problems at bed time. I am hoping this is just a phase… Anyone have some extra patience they can send my way?
  • Matt, even though he is a teacher and should be on summer break, is actually taking a class this summer! He is taking the Principal Part 1 3 week course right now – 4 days a week of intensive instruction. So he may be having a job change in the not so distant future. Very exciting for him!
  • My cleaning lady called in sick today – and she is on vacation next week, so my house is a disaster. Must finish up this post so I can go mop my floors… ūüė¶






The Belly Button Update

First a little history….

When Alex was still in Korea, we received an update from our agency that Alex had an irritated belly button and had gone to the doctor. They sent us a few updated pictures then – and one showing a reddish bellybutton. While we were concerned, we knew he was being well cared for. After Alex came home to Canada and we took him to our family doctor, we were told that his “proud flesh” had never healed so the doctor put on some silver nitrate which normally seals off the belly button. We did this 3 times. But it never healed!

For the most part the redness (which looks a bit like the red inside your mouth) wasn’t causing any issues – occasionally it would be a little yucky… and bleed. Now that Alex is able to communicate more, he has been telling us it sometimes hurts. And he is always fingering his belly area… So… at his 5 year checkup, I asked again about his belly button. The doctor wasn’t sure what the best move would be, so he referred us to a surgeon.

Matt took Alex to the surgeon for his first appointment, so I am not 100% sure what was said ¬†– but the surgeon mentioned before she decided upon a course of action, she wanted an ultrasound. I guess there is a sort of connection between the belly button and your bladder and she wanted to ensure that there was no mass on it. ¬†When we went for the ultrasound – Alex wasn’t able to eat or drink anything… and his appointment was for 10:45… not an easy time as any parent can imagine. He cried and whined for food and drink the whole time there. Then the appointment lasted an hour. First an ultrasound tech, then the supervisor, then he left, then he came back, then he left, and came back again. So as you can imagine, I was a little concerned.Alex having an ultrasound

Two week later I took Alex back for a follow up. Turns out it is a tumor – but not any sort of worrisome tumor – completely benign. It is a small mass of blood vessels inside his belly button – and when it gets rubbed too much, some blood vessels can bleed… hence his discomfort and discharge. It does not continue through to that connection with his bladder which is a relief.

The solution is to have a short surgical procedure where they will put him under and remove the mass. Many parents wait until the child is closer to 10 years old, but since Alex will be playing hockey this year, we don’t want his equipment rubbing on it and causing him any distress. ¬†No dates set yet – but hopefully in the next couple of months.

So there it is! That’s where we are with the belly button saga. Will keep everyone up to date!


Guess who’s…



This little pirate is!

I think Alex had a pretty sweet birthday РWe had McDonalds for dinner Рhis selection, he got a playmobile police station and a Darth Vader light saber from us Рand we spent the evening biking around the neighbourhood and putting together his new toys. [as a side note РI recommend putting together playmobile BEFORE Рbecause there are zillions of pieces!]


On Saturday we through a pirate bash for our boy. The kids got to dress up, walk the plank, go for a treasure hunt, and play swords. A word of caution moms Рfoam swords hurt!  For desert Рpirate cake pops!! They were very tasty!




An hour after the 8 little pirates jumped ship, we had 23 family members come over for a birthday bbq. Yes – we were all a little tired after it all – but so worth it.

After all – you only turn 5 once right?!



Tuesday Tidbits

  • Lets just start out by saying I’m soooo behind in blogging! It makes me feel like such a bad friend – but I think the reasons why I’m busy are good ones.


  • I was so happy to discover this week that our little blogging community is going to have another baby boy to fuss over! Congrats C, D & S!!
  • Easter has come and gone – but not forgotten. We had a wonderful long weekend. Alex was so very excited – and totally jacked on sugar. Next year we will go for sugar free treats. We did attend a community Easter egg hunt – what a crazy 5 minutes. That’s all it lasted – less than 5 minutes. But since it was put on by a local chocolate company… I didn’t mind going out early in the¬†morning¬†in the freezing cold – the chocolate was goood!¬†


  • It is going to sound crazy – but I’m seeing a physio for what I’ve termed “iPhone finger”. I have some bad¬†tendinitis¬†in my right hand due to all the mousing and mobile¬†device¬†use that I do. So I have some funny exercises I have to do – seems to be getting somewhat better.¬†
  • Now that he weather is getting better,¬†I’ve been “getting off the couch” – and started up my little “jogging” routine. I must find that its getting a lot easier! I’m less out of breath and can run longer periods of time. On Sunday, I walked and ran just over 2km in 16min – baby steps right! ¬†I’m using RunKeeper to help keep track.¬†


  • On Sunday I did something for the first time – I felt a baby kick. My sister-in-law is 7 months pregnant and I asked if I could feel the baby if she is active (yes a girl!) and she was more than happy to let me. What an amazing – yet so very strange – experience! Let’s just say that tears were shed.¬†
  • I’m almost done Alex’s Life Book – just in time for his 5th bday… oh my goodness – he’s turning 5!
  • Currently reading: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (attempting for the 3rd time…) ¬†If your local public library uses BiblioCommons for the catalogue, you can follow me at “lilmisslibrary“)¬†
  • Recently watched: This is 40. I was so pumped to see this movie – but sadly by half way I felt it lost it’s mojo.

Snow Much Fun!

Over the last few weeks we have been able to get out and enjoy some of Ontario’s winter wonderland. I wish I could say we enjoyed the¬†outdoors¬†more throughout the winter – but the temps have been pretty extreme – either really cold or mild and mucky. When it has been somewhat decent, we have made the best of it.

Alex has enjoyed playing in his tree fort…


We had fun making a snowman (within a few days he was gone due to a warm spell)


And during March Break, we went up north to the cottage and enjoyed sledding – in the middle of the lake (Mush Momma!), down a small hill for Alex, and Matt and I went down Hazard Hill (yes – as scary – and fun – as it sounds!)




While we have had some fun… I am done with winter. Done done done. Are you with me?

Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Our Valentines was pretty much like any other Thursday – regular routine of childcare, work, dinner for Alex, skating lessons, bedtime, and then date night dinner for Matt and I. ¬†After I got home from work, I quickly threw together dinner for Alex (which he wouldn’t eat by the way), and then got him out his valentines day card and little gift (don’t worry – this was before he decided he wasn’t going to eat dinner). ¬†It was fun watching his expressions as he opened his card and bag of little gifts.¬†


I even got a peck on the cheek from my little valentine! 

Happy Lunar New Year!

On Saturday we¬†traveled¬†to Toronto to a Lunar New Year Celebration put on by the Korean Canadian Children’s Association. We went a really fun celebration¬†back in 2011¬†– and this year was even better. The program was fantastic – it showcased Korean drumming, dancing, music and customs. The children were all invited onstage to do a traditional bowing ceremony (and get a pouch with some money) – our little man was too shy¬†despite¬†practicing before at home. ¬†After the initial program we had an amazing meal with rice, bulgogi, japchae, dumplings, shrimp…. I wanted to finish my plate because it was so good – but the portions were huge! After the lunch we went to the basement of¬†the¬†church ¬†where they had set up with stations such as¬†calligraphy,¬† games, street food, tea ceremony, traditional dress etc. ¬†We hung out for a while and explored the various stations out. ¬†I loved seeing many of Korean ladies dressed in their elaborate hanboks – they are such beautiful pieces of clothing. Another fun part of¬†the¬†day is that we go to see Barb, Belinda¬†and¬†their families! I’m always shocked at how big all the boys are getting – and it was nice to meet baby Owen. Sadly – there were no group shots, but we did promise to get together soon for another “Seoul Bros” gathering.







One really cool thing was that on the way into the Church, we looked up and saw a Korean Air plane taking off from the airport – not something you really see everyday! Memories of Korea are all around.