1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. 6!

On Friday, my baby turned 6. No longer a baby, not yet a teenager, but a real little big boy.

On Thursday night I let Alex stay up to watch the first period of the Montreal game (Go Habs Go!) in my bed. He wanted to read stories and fall asleep in there too. Before he fell he said something adorable. I told him today he is going to asleep a 5 year old, but will wake up as a 6 year old. He replied that he didn’t want me to ever say that again. Followed by that he wanted to sleep all night in my bed because it was a very special day. Aww! Of course mean mommy I am, I moved him before I went to sleep. He takes up too much space!

So Alex woke up bright and early – wanting to get an early start on being 6 I guess! I really shouldn’t complain – 6:30 isn’t too bad considering how early I know many of my friends get woken up at.  Alex got a pair of Hulk Gloves for his morning present – and after he got home from the sitters, he got a new bike. We were afraid that he wouldn’t ride it because it was so much larger than his old one. But he hopped on it and would not get off! It was a huge success.




That night we had some Chinese food (no full Korean restaurant in town) and the 3 of us just hung out.

Saturday was party day. Crazy me planned 2 parties … again … for the same day – morning party for the kids and a dinner party for family.  I’m pretty sure after last year I said never again… sadly I didn’t listen to myself. But it was all good.  The kid’s party was Angry Birds themed – a perfect party theme for little boys. We let Alex invite 7 of his friends – mainly kids from the neighbourhood, but one good buddy from school came.  We had an Angry Birds box wall with balloon pigs, and red and blue balls for the birds.  I had full intentions of painting bird faces on the balls, but I realized that I’m not that artistic. The kids had a BLAST! I highly recommend trying it out – but in the backyard if possible. It was cold and wet outside on Saturday so for us the basement was the firing range.


(I love seeing the kids be so silly in the background!)

There was pizza and ice cream cake for lunch – again – huge hit.













After all the boys left we got ready for party #2 – the family party. Again – a good time – and he got spoiled! Besides his bike – I think this helmet was his favourite gift.

spring 180




















Believe me – while you can’t tell from the above picture – Alex loves being 6.