It’s hard to believe that Spring is here after the winter that would never end. It was a very long… cold… winter. And even today -the 7th of May, I was wearing a wool coat and scarf. But I’m finally calling it spring. There is no more snow on the ground, flowers are popping up out of the ground, trees are budding and baseball season is about to begin.

So much has happened since my last post. We celebrated Alex being home with us for 5 years in February, Alex finished his first year of hockey (which he rocked by the way – 10 goals in his final game!), and Alex turned 6 just last week. Here are a few photo highlights.


Yes – I think this was Spring.


Alex, #16


A good collection of loot from the Easter Egg Hunt


Cool Easter Egg Shades


I’m 6 and riding a cool new big boy bike!

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  1. Those are some big milestones and accomplishments!! Way to go, Alex! Doesn’t six somehow seem so big? Thank goodness it’s finally spring. Hope to see you guys sometime this summer. We are planning to go to the Children’s Bridge 20th year anniversary celebration in Ottawa in August.

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