Belly Button Update – Part 2

2 weeks ago Alex had his belly button surgery (has it already been that long?!) I would have to say that Alex was a little hesitant about the whole process – and really, who could blame him?! It’s a big deal to go into the hospital and have surgery – regardless of the severity of the procedure. To prepare him, we read a few books about going to the hospital before hand – and I must admit – Curious George Goes to the Hospital is NOT the best book choice I have ever made… In the story, the man in the yellow hat leaves George at the hospital overnight as they used to do – as a result, Alex was convinced we were just going to leave him there for a few days… sigh.  (note to self – preread this sort of book before hand…)  What we did find very beneficial was watching a slideshow on our hospital website designed for kids who are going in for surgery.  The presentation was done by a very good friend of mine – so Alex recognized her daughter and kept looking for her at the hospital!

Alex was a trooper. While we waited for him to have his procedure we read books and he played on the ipad. When the nurses were finally ready, we kissed him goodbye, and they took his hand and he walked down the hall with them – talking about Curious George. He didn’t look back once.

The procedure and the time before we were allowed back to see him took longer than I expected, but really it was just 2 hours. After I went to see him in the post opp, and while he was groggy, he was his normal self. By the time we left – he was back to normal! He had to take it easy for the rest of the day, but by 9am Saturday, he was begging to go outside and ride his bike.

I wish I bounced back that easily!