I like to think of myself as a “crafty” sort of person. I enjoy sewing, quilting, needle point, scrapping… Alex has yet to adopt that quality. Perhaps he never will – you never know. But I want him to be creative and a “maker” of things – whether it is in science, technology, cooking… whatever he enjoys.
Every so often I break out an experiment to try. We’ve done baking of course, but also experiments with vinegar and baking soda, oil and watercolour changing milk, and oobleck, water beads… and most recently… slime.

It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure if the recipe I followed was the best one (it wasn’t the one linked above!) and I don’t think you have to use brand name glue…  I used the stuff from the dollar store. Alex loved it! I highly recommend it if you want something fun to do on a rainy day! (note – just be sure to do it away from carpet….)


Here is a vine I did of it in action.

Next is the ivory bar experiment!

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I think I’ve turned into the worlds worst blogger…. I keep thinking I should give this up – but then I seem to regain some energy to do it again… We will see.
  • Peer pressure can be a good thing. At least when it comes to our guy and his bike. Alex has been using just one training wheel for some time, and really didn’t need it any longer. But it took one of his little friends to come down the street with no trainers for him to finally decide he was ready for a 2 wheeler. So as soon as Alex saw his friend (who had been using trainers just 30 minutes before), he sat down and tried to get the extra wheel off. Then he was across the road to the sidewalk and off – super speedy I should add! No whip outs so far – fingers crossed!
  • We spent Canada Day up at our cottage lot camping – it was a great time. You can read more about it on our cottage blog.
  • One of the recipes I tried while up north was Chicks on Sticks – I highly recommend it if you are going camping! Super easy and very tasty. You can find it on my camping / cottage pinterest board.
  • C has me hooked on the Mortal Instruments series. On book 3 right now! And they are being made into a movie – sweet!
  • Any magazine readers out there? Our library just got Zinio – digital magazines free with your library cards – check your library you might get it!
  • Speaking of library – it is so nice that Alex can finally participate in the Summer Reading Club and activities at the library I work at!  He just got his first sticker for reading 3 books – here’s hoping the momentum sticks.
  • Alex had his final report card home. He did pretty well considering he would rarely talk to the teachers making it difficult to assess his abilities. We are going to be working on his abcs and 123s this summer to help with JK this September.
  • Alex’s belly button surgery is set for this August – any tips for those who have had their kids in surgery?
  • We are experiencing some real behaviour issues with Alex – lots of whining – and lots of problems at bed time. I am hoping this is just a phase… Anyone have some extra patience they can send my way?
  • Matt, even though he is a teacher and should be on summer break, is actually taking a class this summer! He is taking the Principal Part 1 3 week course right now – 4 days a week of intensive instruction. So he may be having a job change in the not so distant future. Very exciting for him!
  • My cleaning lady called in sick today – and she is on vacation next week, so my house is a disaster. Must finish up this post so I can go mop my floors… 😦