Tuesday Tidbits

  • Lets just start out by saying I’m soooo behind in blogging! It makes me feel like such a bad friend – but I think the reasons why I’m busy are good ones.


  • I was so happy to discover this week that our little blogging community is going to have another baby boy to fuss over! Congrats C, D & S!!
  • Easter has come and gone – but not forgotten. We had a wonderful long weekend. Alex was so very excited – and totally jacked on sugar. Next year we will go for sugar free treats. We did attend a community Easter egg hunt – what a crazy 5 minutes. That’s all it lasted – less than 5 minutes. But since it was put on by a local chocolate company… I didn’t mind going out early in the morning in the freezing cold – the chocolate was goood! 


  • It is going to sound crazy – but I’m seeing a physio for what I’ve termed “iPhone finger”. I have some bad tendinitis in my right hand due to all the mousing and mobile device use that I do. So I have some funny exercises I have to do – seems to be getting somewhat better. 
  • Now that he weather is getting better, I’ve been “getting off the couch” – and started up my little “jogging” routine. I must find that its getting a lot easier! I’m less out of breath and can run longer periods of time. On Sunday, I walked and ran just over 2km in 16min – baby steps right!  I’m using RunKeeper to help keep track. 


  • On Sunday I did something for the first time – I felt a baby kick. My sister-in-law is 7 months pregnant and I asked if I could feel the baby if she is active (yes a girl!) and she was more than happy to let me. What an amazing – yet so very strange – experience! Let’s just say that tears were shed. 
  • I’m almost done Alex’s Life Book – just in time for his 5th bday… oh my goodness – he’s turning 5!
  • Currently reading: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (attempting for the 3rd time…)  If your local public library uses BiblioCommons for the catalogue, you can follow me at “lilmisslibrary“) 
  • Recently watched: This is 40. I was so pumped to see this movie – but sadly by half way I felt it lost it’s mojo.

5 responses

  1. Great update! You’ve been up to a LOT! I loved your comment of “totally jacked on sugar” … yup. Sounds about right. I may need to follow suit with the sugar free snacks.

    And don’t feel bad about the life book… ours is still a WIP. 😦


  2. Love the first photo too! Too bad about the iPhone finger!! I’m looking ahead to summer, when I can take more picture, blog more and read more blogs!!

  3. Cute Easter pics!
    I’m so behind on all things blog-related (writing, reading, etc…). I have not blogged since 12/31/2012…nothing this year. I carry angst about it and think it might be time to officially throw in the towel. Why can’t I?

    When I use my iPhone a LOT (especially when I first got it) I had pain in my hand/wrist. Sometimes I just have to leave it somewhere where I cannot get to is so dang easily. Sometimes an addiction.

    Well…I technically logged onto the computer to load my Easter pics into the computer (yes, still in the camera)…so I’d better get to it. Just popped over to a couple of blogs to see all I’ve been missing out on.

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