Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Our Valentines was pretty much like any other Thursday – regular routine of childcare, work, dinner for Alex, skating lessons, bedtime, and then date night dinner for Matt and I.  After I got home from work, I quickly threw together dinner for Alex (which he wouldn’t eat by the way), and then got him out his valentines day card and little gift (don’t worry – this was before he decided he wasn’t going to eat dinner).  It was fun watching his expressions as he opened his card and bag of little gifts. 


I even got a peck on the cheek from my little valentine! 

Happy Lunar New Year!

On Saturday we traveled to Toronto to a Lunar New Year Celebration put on by the Korean Canadian Children’s Association. We went a really fun celebration back in 2011 – and this year was even better. The program was fantastic – it showcased Korean drumming, dancing, music and customs. The children were all invited onstage to do a traditional bowing ceremony (and get a pouch with some money) – our little man was too shy despite practicing before at home.  After the initial program we had an amazing meal with rice, bulgogi, japchae, dumplings, shrimp…. I wanted to finish my plate because it was so good – but the portions were huge! After the lunch we went to the basement of the church  where they had set up with stations such as calligraphy,  games, street food, tea ceremony, traditional dress etc.  We hung out for a while and explored the various stations out.  I loved seeing many of Korean ladies dressed in their elaborate hanboks – they are such beautiful pieces of clothing. Another fun part of the day is that we go to see Barb, Belinda and their families! I’m always shocked at how big all the boys are getting – and it was nice to meet baby Owen. Sadly – there were no group shots, but we did promise to get together soon for another “Seoul Bros” gathering.







One really cool thing was that on the way into the Church, we looked up and saw a Korean Air plane taking off from the airport – not something you really see everyday! Memories of Korea are all around.





1, 2, 3, 4

There once was one little boy named Kaeul, living in South Korea, awaiting a forever family.


Little did he know there were two people from Canada waiting to be his mommy and daddy.


On February 3, 2009, the three of them joined together – forever.


Today we celebrate four years with our little boy. He is our sunshine, our joy, our everything.


We love you Alexander!