Biking in January

The weather this winter has been very… strange. Either it has been down right cold and nasty, or it has been mild. Like no snow mild. Such nice weather that Alex could go for a bike ride – which is what we did on Saturday morning. 


Alex has been attempting tricks – so far this is about it – but I’m sure once spring hits he will be doing all sorts of crazy things!

Today we woke to 90km/hr winds and a wind chill of -20C – amazing the difference a few hours can make. Oh Canada….



5 responses

  1. We’ve had similar weather. I don’t know what to make of it all… I love the pictures though – how fun! (So funny to think that this was the boy who wanted nothing to do with riding his bike… right?!)

  2. So very true! What a winter we’ve been having! As I type, rain is pouring down in buckets…and just this past Friday, it was snowing. Last week it was 15-20 degrees colder than today. I love seeing Alex on his bike! Great pics!

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