Merry Christmas!

I know I know I know… a little late lady! But better late than never.


Our holiday was a very nice one this year. Alex was really into Christmas as I’m sure most 4 year olds are. We had Sparky visiting our house every morning again this year – doing some fun and crazy stuff.


Christmas Eve morning Mason got an early gift… a cone. He had scratched his cornea hunting and it wasn’t healing – so more meds and a funny new “hat”. He wasn’t impressed.


Christmas Eve we went to the children’s service at Church – a short, yet lovely service geared for kids 10 and younger. Then we went to Matt’s parents place for dinner and presents. It was so nice that everyone could make it this year. Since there are four police officers in the family often that isn’t the case. We had a nice toast to Matt’s dad who had prostate cancer surgery earlier in the month and had received the good news that he didn’t need radiation – Hurrah!

Santa came that night, bearing lots of gifts for our little boy. He received leg*, playm*bile (police tactical unit toys of course), police man and firefighter figurines, and a bleacher creature of Carey Price (goalie for the Montreal Canadiens). 

I swear Alex was excited – just not impressed to have to wait and have a picture taken.


After lunch it was naptime.


And obviously time for chocolate…


We had dinner with my mom, my brother and his boys. It was nice to spend time with them – we really don’t get together with them enough.  Alex got more presents – including a cool pirate dress up kit!


And then it was back to reality… for a few days… then we went to Cuba for vacation! Post to come.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! 


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  1. Merry Christmas to you all! (also late!) I love that photo from your card BTW! And FABULOUS news on Matt’s dad! (The disgruntled photo of Alex with his presents made me laugh…)

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