Happy Halloween!

It was a dark and rainy night….

To say Alex was excited about Halloween is an understatement. He was sooooo excited – counting down the number of sleeps for the last 2 weeks. All he could talk about was his potential Halloween candy. Yes, this child is obsessed with candy.  Wednesday started out with a black and orange day at school and then some grandparent time after school. I was concerned that Alex was going to fall asleep on the way home since it had been such a long day already, but like any good parent, I jacked him up on some sweets to keep him awake 🙂

After we go home, Alex sat in the front window, watching for trick or treaters. I had to threaten no trick or treating to get him to eat his dinner. So after a few bites of pizza, Alex got into his Dark Knight outfit and we went out.  It literally was a dark and drizzly night as we were still getting some spin off from Hurricane Sandy. Alex would have nothing to do with a coat or hat, but I did get some mitts on him to keep him somewhat warm. We went down the street and back – considering the weather – it was hopping! Lots of little ghosts and goblins out (well actually more like superheros and princesses).


After we sorted the candy… and did a little taste testing.



Surprisingly, our batman was in bed by 8:30. Hurrah!

Yesterday we did something new. There is a local farm that raises wild boar and they invite people to come and do a “pumpkin toss”. So you literally recycle your pumpkins by feeding them to the wild boars. It was pretty cool – until we noticed a few had escaped the pen and were wandering the yard… It was a little nerve racking for a few minutes until the owner came out. Turns out, like most wild animals, they are more afraid of you than anything. So she scared them off with a branch and all was good.


5 responses

  1. Sounds like a very fun Halloween! I’m a bit jealous as ours just felt crazy here. I was so interested in those pictures of wild boars eating your pumpkins on Instagram and Facebook. Neat idea!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Halloween! I adore his costume… totally worth the money! I cannot believe I am typing this, but I think Spencer forgot about his candy already. Hmmm… more for me??

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