Touch a Truck!

Yesterday Alex and I had a date at a local Touch a Truck event. Can you believe that this was our first Touch a Truck? We had so much fun.

First things first – the Ambulances.

Alex in the Ambulance

Future Paramedic

Then the Fire Trucks… where he got to put on the lights and siren.

Alex and Fire Truck

Future Fireman

We did the big rigs, tractors, combines, school bus, crane, hot air balloon, and cement mixer…. but…

It was all about the Ambulances.

Alex and Rescue UnitAlex was lucky enough to turn on the sirens and lights on the Emergency Support Unit too. He was in awe.

Can’t wait to do this again!



6 responses

  1. Looks awesome and there don’t seem to be any crowds in these pictures. We went to one two years ago and it was great but kids had to line up to see everything. It was a lot of waiting for a 2-year old Daniel and I’m not sure he’d fare much better at 4!

  2. Great pictures! We went to a touch-a-truck, but Xander was so timid around the trucks up close (and then the horns really scared him too šŸ™‚ )

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