Guess Who…

Started school today!


Alex started Junior Kindergarten today – and he did a great job! He didn’t cry one bit. Mom and Dad didn’t cry either (at least not this morning – a tear or two may have been shed the night before).  Turns out there are quite a few kids we know in his class which makes the whole transition easier for us to handle.

One of the items we had to prepare for school was a jar with some identifying things in it: a crayon for eye colour (brown), a number of items matching your age (4 Korean coins), something green if you were a boy (a piece of leg0) and a picture of when the child was baby or toddler. The teacher was to pick one jar a day and the glass was to guess who the jar belonged to. Alex’s jar was the first one picked! The guessed it was him from the picture…

Alex – 10 months old

Not too surprised there!

Goodness – where did this baby go?