Labour Day

Most people who know me would laugh if I told them that I enjoy hiking. I know Matt laughs at that. But it’s true. I love walking in the bush, or on trails all smelling all the earthy aromas (cheesy I know).   On the last day of summer vacation we took a nice stroll down in our local hiking area – the Old Grove. We took a trail that we don’t normally go on this time because we had heard about a really cool frog pond.

Despite the heat and the whining from a certain 4 yo that he was “too tired” it was a very nice walk… although next time I might be tempted to just take Mason 😉

Poking at the Frogs

Alex and Momma~~~

Fun Flash Back to Labour Day 2009 when we did a walk in the Grove on the last day of summer.

This is one my favourite pictures of Alex – look at that sweet face!



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