Touch a Truck!

Yesterday Alex and I had a date at a local Touch a Truck event. Can you believe that this was our first Touch a Truck? We had so much fun.

First things first – the Ambulances.

Alex in the Ambulance

Future Paramedic

Then the Fire Trucks… where he got to put on the lights and siren.

Alex and Fire Truck

Future Fireman

We did the big rigs, tractors, combines, school bus, crane, hot air balloon, and cement mixer…. but…

It was all about the Ambulances.

Alex and Rescue UnitAlex was lucky enough to turn on the sirens and lights on the Emergency Support Unit too. He was in awe.

Can’t wait to do this again!



Guess Who…

Started school today!


Alex started Junior Kindergarten today – and he did a great job! He didn’t cry one bit. Mom and Dad didn’t cry either (at least not this morning – a tear or two may have been shed the night before).  Turns out there are quite a few kids we know in his class which makes the whole transition easier for us to handle.

One of the items we had to prepare for school was a jar with some identifying things in it: a crayon for eye colour (brown), a number of items matching your age (4 Korean coins), something green if you were a boy (a piece of leg0) and a picture of when the child was baby or toddler. The teacher was to pick one jar a day and the glass was to guess who the jar belonged to. Alex’s jar was the first one picked! The guessed it was him from the picture…

Alex – 10 months old

Not too surprised there!

Goodness – where did this baby go?


Labour Day

Most people who know me would laugh if I told them that I enjoy hiking. I know Matt laughs at that. But it’s true. I love walking in the bush, or on trails all smelling all the earthy aromas (cheesy I know).   On the last day of summer vacation we took a nice stroll down in our local hiking area – the Old Grove. We took a trail that we don’t normally go on this time because we had heard about a really cool frog pond.

Despite the heat and the whining from a certain 4 yo that he was “too tired” it was a very nice walk… although next time I might be tempted to just take Mason 😉

Poking at the Frogs

Alex and Momma~~~

Fun Flash Back to Labour Day 2009 when we did a walk in the Grove on the last day of summer.

This is one my favourite pictures of Alex – look at that sweet face!