Cottage Summer 2012

Most years we go up to the cottage in July. This year, because of work and a number of other factors, we didn’t make it up. Instead we spent some time in August. We were up at Matt’s parents place for a full week mid August, and then up again the following weekend.

The first full week was a lot of fun – despite less than ideal weather (think single digits over night – brrr!). We went over to our property and “closed up” for the season. We took out the dock (well, Matt really did – I helped push at one point – the crazy huge dock spiders are reason enough not to get involved), covered up our “toilet” and brought a few things home. We also had some friends up for two days which was a lot of fun – especially for Alex. He loved having playmates there. We hunted for frogs, went fishing, boating, had dinner with family down the lake, and mostly – relaxed.


Our second trip up was for a wedding reception at a resort on the Lake of Bays. Lake of Bays is in heart of Muskoka  where you can find “cottages” (think $$,$$$,$$$) owned by various celebrities, NHL players, etc. I was really looking forward to catching a glimpse of some of these places… but sadly it was dark when we go there. The reception started at 9pm, and since our baby sitting fell through last minute, we had Alex with us. He was a real trooper though, tired little guy, but he held out until close to 11:30. The resort was gorgeous from what we could see – I really want to go explore one day in the daylight. The rest of the weekend was a bonus. Great weather so we could finally get in the lake for a little swim.


I can’t wait to get back up there at Thanksgiving. By then the leaves will most likely have fallen since many trees were changing colours already, but the crisp cool air is something I look forward to.


Back before Alex, I didn’t really believe people when they said that kids grow up so fast. Now I do.

In just a couple of weeks, Alex is starting Junior Kindergarten.  Yes, I’m quite emotional about this big step!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very excited for him. I’m excited that Alex will meet some new friends, learn new things, become more independent…  but…

Alex’s speech is something that is of concern to us. Right now, Alex is unable to say his name – something we are supposed to have him able to do before JK.  It comes out more like “Ali Robi”.  (note to people choosing kids names – make sure it is easy to pronounce!) We are working on the sounds, but its going slowly.   He is still in his SmallTalk, and we work on various sounds and word endings all the time, but like everything with Alex – it will all come when he’s ready.  That being said, we have really seen a real development in Alex’s sentences – much longer, more complex, and even more clear. I’m sure his speech will improve quite a bit once he is around more of his peers.

Alex is excited about school. He told me this week that he wants to take the bus! It picks up the neighbourhood kids just down the street.  I was hoping to drive him – but I think the bus will be good for him – so long as he can find his classroom after he gets off the bus…

Alex will be attending Junior Kindergarten, every other day, at a school which has a set-up called “Balanced School Day”. With a Balanced School Day, the day is split up into thirds with no main lunch break, rather two nutrition breaks.  It is also a peanut free school and there is boomerang lunch – everything you bring must go back with you – no garbage allowed. As you can imagine, that leads to all sorts of things we need to consider: lunch containers, smaller portion sizes, creativity with the food options, teaching Alex what he’s allowed to eat at each break…

So, to deal with this concern, we have purchased the “Balanced Day Lunchbag” – the hockey print of course. Also we have also picked up some special containers that have “flip” closures to make it easier for little fingers to open and close.  It’s also been suggested to me to send one thing in a baggie so that Alex an put any “messy” garbage like pudding containers in there – last thing I want to see at the end of the day is pudding all over his bag! I’m also going to be researching balanced day break meal ideas – you can follow me on Pinterest if you are interested in  them too.

I’ve also been getting his school wardrobe ready. We just need to get him some running shoes and rubber boots and we will be set for a while.  And we need a backpack – I’m thinking Spiderman.