Brickman’s Picnic!

One of the events I look forward to each summer is the picnic put on by Bob an Marilyn Brickman. This picnic is for the families who have adopted from South Korea through Children’s Bridge – and lucky for us, it is located about 10 minutes from our house. We went again this past Saturday, it was the fourth time we have been able to attend. I love going and seeing all the little boys and girls as they grow up – especially Alex’s “Seoul Siblings”! Luckily this year, most of our group were able to attend.  There was Barb, Andy, Daniel and Matthew, Belinda, Steve, Adam and Benny, Emily, Jeremy, Xander and Belle, and us.

Like last year, the boys flocked to the pond in search for fish and frogs. Daniel even picked up a few!

Saturday also happened to be little Isabelle (Belle)’s birthday! She turned two so all the kids celebrated with cupcakes.

The mommas had a nice group shot – thanks to Andy our photographer.

We then attempted a kids group shot… well. You know how difficult that can be!

I’m hoping one of the other moms has better shot…

We missed you Karen, Kevin & Lucas – hope we see you again soon! Thanks Bob and Marilyn!


Happy (belated) Canada Day!

A week ago was Canada Day – as normal I’m a tad late. That’s the way I’ve been rolling lately, but that’s ok. As long as things get done right?

Anyhow, Matt was up north at our property on Canada Day, so Alex and I hit the town with family and friends for the local Canada Day festivities. We normally are up at Matt’s parents cottage on Canada Day so this was a real treat. We had lots of fun. First off, we went downtown with my mom for the street party. There were food vendors, kids activities, live music and various awards. Alex got a balloon dog, ice cream, and we had some Kens French Fries (some of the best fries around!). We also sat and watched some local musicians, including Loreena McKennitt who sang O Canada.  On the way back to our car we saw another famous star – Christopher Plummer! He also lives in town seasonally for the festival.

On the way home Alex fell asleep, which was a good thing – I needed some time to prepare a salad for the bbq at our friend Cathy and Ryan’s place that we were headed to. I ended up having to wake Alex up – I know, something you should never do!, but we were running late. At Cathy & Ryan’s we had a swim and a really nice bbq. We all then had to rush to our friends Sarah & Jeremy’s for the parade! (yes, we were running late – again!). The kids had a blast at the parade. It was short and sweet, but enough entertainment (and treats) for four year olds.

After the parade, the kids played and did some sparklers. When it was dusk, we all raced back to Cathy and Ryan’s to see the fireworks! Got there just in time for the start. It was a perfect end to a wonderful day.

Happy Canada Day!