So yesterday I had another laser laparoscopy to help deal with my endometriosis. A few minutes before the surgery I discovered that really good friend of mine was going to be scrubbing in on the surgery – kinda weird… but it was comforting too. I’m sure she saw a tad too much of me, but hey, it’s her job. Turns out my tubes were completely blocked and there was a lot of scaring from the last 3 laser laps and my organs were all stuck together. My doctor was able to open one tube and get my uterus unstuck and some other fun stuff, I’ll find out more at my post opp apt in a couple of weeks. So now I’m resting at home for a week, trying to to check my work email.  The good thing is that the crazy heat that has been sitting on SW Ontario the last few days has lifted and it is much more comfortable outside.

Yesterday, as we were going up in the elevator to the surgical ward, there was a boy who was about 15 years old with his mom and sister all excited about his girlfriend giving birth, and then in the show I was watching when I was resting at home there was an announcement of a pregnancy, and again in the book I was reading. Ugh. It always seems like pregnancy is being shoved in my face at the worst times.  The purpose of the surgery was to help relieve some of the pain I have each month. I had been considering a hysterectomy, but after consulting with the doctor I couldn’t go through with it. I know – I am supposed to have dealt with my infertility issues before we adopted, but I guess a little piece of me hasn’t. Sorry – just had to vent.  Ugh.

I know we have an amazing little boy who I love to bits – wish he was at home right now so I could get a big hug.

Tuesday Tidbits

  • 30 for 30 Challenge update: So far so good! 1-bath-time fun, 2-firetruck fun, 3-firetruck fun (cut short due to tantrum), 4-building with blocks…. you get the idea.  After I posted the 30 for 30 challenge I thought… yikes. Everyone is going to think I’m a horrid mom for not “playing” with my child all the time and having to challenge myself to do it. But it can be hard to find a good slot of time when you are a full-time working mom. And as I’ve read from the comments, for a stay at home mom for that matter.  But making sure I find the time has been good for me. Alex gets so excited when I suggest we go play with his toys. Makes this momma smile. The last 2 days we haven’t had our play time just due to scheduling, but we will be back at it tomorrow.
  • 2 weeks ago we went to our speech therapist Julie. Alex is doing very well. Julie can understand most words now and see’s his progress. My frustration is that Alex speaks well when he is with her. At home – not so much. Sigh. We are still working on T’s, P’s and now N’s.
  • I mentioned before that there was a chance that our neighbourhood school was turning into a French only school. Lucky for us that choice was overturned, and Alex will be able to go to our neighbourhood school in the Fall! So that’s great news. However… I was dismayed to discover that they do not offer a JK orientation. Just show up on the first day. That should be interesting.
  • We had a garage sale on the weekend… and it rained all morning. What a washout. Still got rid of a lot of stuff including a stroller, slide and toys which will help free up some space. My mom watched Alex Friday night so he didn’t realize I was getting rid of a lot of his baby toys.
  • Sunday was a beautiful sunny (and hot) day around here, so we broke out the little plastic pool and slip and slide and let Alex and his buddy Preston have a good play on them. It’s amazing how much use we get out of these toys each year!
  • I’m running the Handmade Culture craft show again this Fall! I’m very excited about it. If you are around Stratford on September 29 between 10 and 2, be sure to stop by the library!
  • Hog Jog update… I won’t be doing it this year after all.  With my new job at work, I need to attend Library Board meetings and turns out the next one is the same night as the run. So I don’t feel quite as bad about not “training” as well as I should have.
  • Alex is registered for soccer this summer. 4 was the minimum age and since Blast Ball didn’t go very well last year, we thought we would try this. And well… soccer is turning out quite a bit like blast ball.  Alex is “fine” during warmup, but when the games come around he just clams up and refuses to go on the field. Here’s hoping next week is better!

I wish this had turned out much more crisp – but loved the attitude captured!

30 for 30 Challenge

I came across a challenge on Pinterest today – the 30 for 30 Challenge. “I Can Teach My Child” is challenging us to take 30 minutes to actually play with your kid(s) for 30 days. Like the challenger, I often sit and watch Alex play rather than getting involved. It’s especially more difficult when you have the routine of work all day, then get home, get dinner, clean up, bath, stories, bed. So I’m going to change that this month. I will be fully engaged, fully present and fully Alex’s.  Anyone interested in joining me?