Tuesday Tidbits

What’s been going on… what hasn’t been going on? Here’s the low down:

  • Just for the record – menopause sucks. I generally don’t have a lot of symptoms until about 10pm. Then the hot flashes are terrible! That and the insomnia…. one month to go.
  • On Thursday I started a new job at my library! I am not the “Acting Systems Librarian” – so I’m taking over my supervisor’s position temporarily until the Library board determines how they want this position to move forward. Hopefully I can continue in the roll, but I will have to apply for it when it does open up. So learning lots, dealing with budgeting, supervising, more system management etc. So I’m busy busy busy!
  • I just finished reading “Another Piece of My Heart” by Jane Green – I love her books. They always have a bit of infertility, adoption issues in them – this story is all about adoption. I must admit – I cried and cried at the end – was a good ending, but still emotional (maybe that’s the menopause). I’m now onto Legend by Marie Lu (thanks Christine!) – love dystopian teen fiction.
  • We were up north on the weekend. Poor Matt and Alex were eaten alive by the black flies!  You can check out our first trip of the season to our cottage property on our cottage blog.
  • We had a lovely mother’s day 2 weeks ago. Since Alex was up at 6:45 and Matt wasn’t feeling the best, I didn’t get to sleep in, but I did get to spend a lot of time with our little guy which was wonderful.
  • I am supposed to be training for the local “hog jog” in June… but I must admit I’m way way behind on that. Like I haven’t run in months. And all my stomach muscles seem to have disappeared. Not good for the moral, so I’m going to be changing this pronto! Operation get off the couch commences… tomorrow.

hold your little ones close

I like to think we live in a relatively small and safe community. However even in small town Ontario bad things can happen.  Three years ago, a young girl was abducted as she left school by two monsters in a small community 20 minutes from here. The man and the woman did horrible things to this little 8 year old, and in the end she became an angel way too young. Late last night, the second of the two monsters was found guilty. Guillty! I think everyone in Canada celebrated – a little more evil off the streets. 

It scares me so much thinking about Alex, going off to school this Fall, waiting for the bus, perhaps in a couple of years biking around with his friends, becoming more independent – but also I’m nervous about having less “control” over his actions. I guess all we can do is teach him about not talking to strangers and making safe choices for himself. I don’t want him to grow up in fear of bad things can happen, and I don’t want to drive myself crazy over it either. But how do you handle it?

So tonight I’m going to give Alex an extra big hug, and I will say a prayer for little Tori and all the other children who are the innocent victims of such evil. 

The Big Birthday Bash

For months now, Alex has been planning his birthday party. He was forever telling us he wanted a “Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Bad Guy” party. So that’s what we did (with a bit of help from Pinterest! Seriously – what did I ever do before that site?).  Unlike the past few years, this year we decided to keep it relatively small. We invited 5 of Alex’s friends that he plays with all the time, unfortunately one couldn’t come, so there were 5 kids total – a perfect size. I did a little decorating – not a whole lot – just streamers, balloons, and a Happy Birthday Banner, made some capes for the kids, and planned a few superhero games.

Super Alex!

The kids loving the streamers

One of the games we played was “Vaporize the Villains”. I printed off a bunch of pics of “bad guys”, taped them around the yard, and the kids took turns “vaporizing” them with silly string. HUGE hit!

Aha! Gotcha!

More bad guys!

This was “Leaping over Tall Buildings”… but turns out these 3 and 4 year olds were not all that robust in their leaping skills….

The cake turned out wonderfully! Fit for a super hero for sure!

Spiderman pinata – lots of fun!

The Super Heroes!!