Our Boy

Normally I think of Alex as a real “boy boy”. He loves hockey, football, superheros, wrestling, fishing, police cars, firefighters – you know – traditional “boy” stuff.

But this morning, we discovered that Alex also likes to be like his momma.

Not that I hang out under the sink...

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  1. Wowza! He did manage to get quite a bit on his toenails and fingernails so hopefully that is less clean-up from the floor, etc. I am glad you documented this. These pics def need to come out in his teenage years.

  2. Oh! My! Wouldn’t you just kill for a hidden video of him actually concentrating on painting those little piggies? So glad you were able to compose yourself enough to snap a pic. How did the clean up go?

    • Wasn’t too bad… But then we ran out of cotton balls- Kleenex just doesn’t work so well with nail polish remover! It was also cleaning lady day so I was lucky she was able to clean up what I missed.

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