Alex Funnies

  • Two weeks ago Matt took Alex with him to do some errands. Before Alex left the house, I guess he had been playing around with an empty toilet paper roll. They drove around doing this and that. Then when they stopped to get propane, Alex was saying “ouch ouch” and was trying to put his hand down his pants. When Matt went over to investigate, he found the toilet paper roll stuck down his pants.  I have no idea why or what that was about.  Matt then had to walk around with a toilet paper roll in his pocket.
  • For Date night last week, Matt bought some breaded calamari and cooked up a few pieces to munch as appetizers on while Alex was eating his diner. Matt ate one. Alex ate 7. He removed all the breading and ate just the squid.  At one point he was wearing a ring of it as a bracelet.
  • A few days ago I opened the dryer and discovered a big black spider in there. It was huge! (you know – about the size of  a dime). So of course I was a tad more dramatic than I should have been… and Alex was there.  Now he won’t go near the basement alone – or near the dryer. He’s convinced the spider is still down there – even though I did kill it and remove the carcass to the garbage bin in the garage.
  • Alex has various names for me: Mama, Mom, Ma, and now Mommy. This morning at 6:56 he started singing “Mommy” over and over in all different tones. He tends to say it more like Momeee.
  • The only song Alex will sing is “Oh Canada” – he only has a few words to it, but he repeats it constantly!