A year in review

I know – a tad late – but like I said 2 posts ago – better late than never!

I’ve been playing with Creative Memories – trying to get a hang of the software in my “spare time”. I’ve been working on a month by month scrapping layout and on Alex’s life book. The life book is “almost” done… but I’m still trying to figure out if and if I do, how, include the story as to how Alex became available for adoption. Suggestions?

Here is the recap I came up with for 2011. I apologize – I think there are 20 pics… Nothing to fancy… please critique if you notice spelling, grammar, or a missed “shadow”. Next step the printers! I’m so excited!!

UPDATE: I noticed way more errors that I realized! Yikes – and quite embarrassing… Anyhow – proofed the descriptions again and updated my originals – but not the images below.  So just enjoy the pics 🙂



14 responses

  1. Love it all! Great idea to separate the special days from the months; I have been cramming birthdays and holidays into my monthly layouts, but I think I’ll do it your way from now on. It’s nice to see the Seoul Siblings in there and we really need to get together soon!
    Ps – your Jan description talks about Easter

  2. I love this!! It will be so much fun to look back and see all the months the way you have them! As for grammatical errors etc.. In March, I think you met “old” instead of hold? 🙂

  3. I don’t think you should put reasons Alex was available for adoption in his Life Book. Probably he will be sharing that book with many people and that information is personal. Unless you write something generic like”Birth mom loved Alex very much but was unable to care for him so she made a plan for adoption. We are so glad she did because we love having Alex in our family.”

  4. this is amazing! i love the collages. what a great keepsake to have. hmmm. i may consider something like this. i left scrapbooking behind a few years before c came home, but love the idea of having a book to flip through. . . thank you for sharing!

  5. Krista, this is absolutely awesome!! I would love to do something like it. Did you use CM’s Storybook Creator? Do you use Memory Manager too? Were they templates? Congrats on finishing such a great project!

  6. Krista, this is AWESOME! Great job! I’m sure that was a ton of work but well worth it in the end because you have this forever. I love all the photos. SEriously, amazing work!!

  7. I love this!!! Just love love love it!!!! It’s so freaking awesome. And I love how you have the special days in there too… That’s really cool!

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