A year in review

I know – a tad late – but like I said 2 posts ago – better late than never!

I’ve been playing with Creative Memories – trying to get a hang of the software in my “spare time”. I’ve been working on a month by month scrapping layout and on Alex’s life book. The life book is “almost” done… but I’m still trying to figure out if and if I do, how, include the story as to how Alex became available for adoption. Suggestions?

Here is the recap I came up with for 2011. I apologize – I think there are 20 pics… Nothing to fancy… please critique if you notice spelling, grammar, or a missed “shadow”. Next step the printers! I’m so excited!!

UPDATE: I noticed way more errors that I realized! Yikes – and quite embarrassing… Anyhow – proofed the descriptions again and updated my originals – but not the images below.  So just enjoy the pics 🙂