Lovely Gift

This is a catch up post… from December. Yes – December – 3.5 months behind people! Better late then never right?

In December, Matt’s Uncle Dean and Aunt Judy went on a trip to Australia and on the way back spent a night in Seoul. I had asked them if I could give them a few bucks to pick something up for Alex, but with the hype of Christmas I forgot in the end. But we were quite lucky that they still brought back a few gifts for our Korean boy!

A rubic’s cube type puzzle of all traditional Korean images and a Penji – a Korean spinning toy.  That spinning top is quite the toy – it’s a bit tricky!

They also gave him a team Korea football jersey! It will fit him in a year or so, but perfect for our little “Fighter”!

Thank you Dean and Judy!

6 responses

  1. Very cool! It nice to have someone you know drop by Seoul :). Xander has that jersey too; hopefully he’ll fit into it soon!

  2. Great gifts! We could probably use a jersey in that size, since I’m thinking this summer may be the last one where D’s current one fits him! Man, when we first got it, we couldn’t imagine when he’d actually fit it. Crazy how our boys are almost 4 years old now!!

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