I love you…

If you can believe it – prior to last week, I did not know this song. I have even gone to the threatre to watch Guys and Dolls – but somehow that song never stuck in my head. But it sure did after watching I Don’t Know How She Does It last weekend. Now I can’t stop singing it (and it’s driving my family crazy!) But it is such a sweet song! I want to make it “the” song I sing to Alex (and it has an easy tune that I don’t destroy with my horrid singing voice!).

Lovely Gift

This is a catch up post… from December. Yes – December – 3.5 months behind people! Better late then never right?

In December, Matt’s Uncle Dean and Aunt Judy went on a trip to Australia and on the way back spent a night in Seoul. I had asked them if I could give them a few bucks to pick something up for Alex, but with the hype of Christmas I forgot in the end. But we were quite lucky that they still brought back a few gifts for our Korean boy!

A rubic’s cube type puzzle of all traditional Korean images and a Penji – a Korean spinning toy.  That spinning top is quite the toy – it’s a bit tricky!

They also gave him a team Korea football jersey! It will fit him in a year or so, but perfect for our little “Fighter”!

Thank you Dean and Judy!