Not serious but…

Mason had to have some surgery last week. He had a two fatty lipomas that we chose to have removed.  They were not overly huge like some of these tumors get, but one was in a location on his chest which if it did grow could affect his mobility. I took him in and they took him away before I could even say goodbye which was more than a little sad.  When I picked him up in the afternoon he was quite excited to see me… and I must admit I was shocked by the size and look of the incision. It looks like an ugly caterpillar on the outside of his body.

Mason has been quite a trooper. He slept a lot the first day and hasn’t been scratching yet which is a relief.  It still looks like the lipoma is there since it is full of fluid right now, but hoping the fluids will go down soon.

While he was under we decided to also have his teeth cleaned – it is so nice to get a kiss from a doggy with good breath!