9 Years!

Last Wednesday Matt and I celebrated 9 years of marriage! It’s hard to believe that it has been that long. We have gone through so much in those 9 years.  We’ve lived in 2 apartments, owned 2 houses, bought a cottage property, adopted a dog, dealt with numerous surgeries,  infertility, loss of grandparents, traveled to Victoria BC, NYC, Montreal, Boston, and the trip of a lifetime – Seoul. The adoption of Alex was definitely the best thing we have ever done.

To celebrate our anniversary, we cooked a special meal on Wednesday night and enjoyed some cheeses and wine, but the real celebrations were on the weekend. Since it was Family Day on Monday, Matt and I were able to get away Sunday to Monday. We went to Niagara on the Lake – the prettiest town in Ontario. Seriously – it is NOTHING like Niagara Falls. Think quaint buildings from 1830 (most of the city was burned down by the US (ahem) in war of 1812). There are amazing restaurants, shops and the view of Lake Ontario and the Niagara River are beautiful. The Inn we stayed in was gorgeous – I really recommend it if you are ever around there.  We went to a winery – something the area is well known for – but because of a bus trip it was very busy so we just bought our wine and left.

We strolled around downtown, enjoyed a pint at an Irish pub, had a great meal at a local restaurant, and then were sleeping by 10pm. I know – party animals! The next day was beautiful – blue skies, decent temperatures so after a stroll we decided to head home to spend some of family day with Alex.

Irish beer at an Irish pub

Downtown NOTL

Quaintest SB ever - 1830 building.

The Oban Inn - where we stayed

Fort Niagara - on the US side of the river

Back home with my boys for a little driveway hockey

In the penalty box

And the plan for our 10 year anniversary is… to go to the Dominican for New Years! December 30th can’t come soon enough!

12 responses

  1. Happy 9 Years! NOTL is beautiful. I worked there, doing grass cutting for two months in 2001 (for Belle’s husband, Steve). I remember the Oban Inn although I’ve never been in it. I am so surprised to see a Sbux!! That’s new. I guess I need to get back there and visit!

  2. Happy anniversary! Your getaway looks and sounds wonderful. And, umm, on behalf of your American friends, sorry for that whole burning of the town thing way back when… 🙂

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